Friday, January 04, 2008

Opening Month of 2008

On many of the birthday cards I send, I write I know this is your best year ever!! I send this message to all of us today I KNOW this is our best year ever!!
However, I also know something else – our best year ever wont just happen - we have to make it so!
As we stand in this opening month of 2008, lets do so with a conscious awareness of who we are and what were doing here. Who we are is God. There is no way we can deny it. God is absolutely everything and everywhere, including us. What were doing is experiencing GodLife – and the great thing, or the challenging thing, (which ever you choose) is that were making it up as we think and feel. The Law of Attraction is always at work!
If youre like me, you received some calendars as gifts. Setting up my calendar is a sacred experience for me. I love not only looking at the pictures and reading the words, but gazing at those empty white boxes that fill every month. They are like a canvas, and my thoughts and feelings are the medium with which I work. First I look to see what day the holidays fall on, then I fill in families and friends birthdays. (Ohhh, my 60th will be on a Saturday this year - July 19th – watch out for a “’60s Hippie party!) Then I think about what I intend to have happen – for instance, Asilomar (Religious Science Internationals summer conference) will be happening July 27 – August 2. Those dates are now marked Asilomar. I then sit in gratitude for all that will soon fill up the rest of the squares. I declare I attract experiences that fulfill my soul.
I will continue to Know for you that this is Your Best Year Ever. Accept this blessing with a grateful heart, and expect the very best. Believe it in your heart, and see it in your minds eye. Allow your intuition to show you the way. Visualize what seems to be impossible as possible! Be ready to experience Great Good! Keep your eyes open – Pay Attention! The whole Universe is conspiring to give you a Great Life!
Gratefully I accept the powerful Presence of Great Good. It is Life – the Life I am living, and the Life that permeates all things. It is Love and Law, and It is for me.
I look at this new year as the year that is the best year of my life so far. As I step into a greater conscious awareness of who I Am and what I am doing, I celebrate absolutely everything that has gone before, knowing it has prepared me for this moment and the moments to come.
I declare this year is filled with love and laughter, peace and prosperity, health and happiness. I know this for myself and all others.
With a grateful heart I release these words into spiritual law, knowing the Law works!
And So It Is.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

In Religious Science we call our affirmative prayers Spiritual Mind Treatments. I offer this one to you as a gift for the new year:

The infinitely intelligent Creative Energy of Life is absolutely everywhere. It is the Source of all things, the Power behind all things. It is, and that is all there is. I am so grateful to know I am an expression of this Oneness. All that It is, I am.

I accept this Truth. All that Life is, I am. I now declare I am awake. As I step into this new year, I choose to consciously activate my spirituality and experience each moment as brand new. Nothing from my past - no beliefs or feelings - can stop me. I have released them with joy.

I now experience Life in Its fullness. My physical body is radiantly alive and healthy. My emotional body is clear and vibrant. My mental body is filled with beliefs that support the goodness of Life. I am open to receive all of Life's riches.

Each breath is the first breath of The Divine as me. Each thought is the first thought of The Divine as me. I live in present time.

With a grateful heart, I celebrate Life with every fiber of my being. I live joyfully. I accept that as I activate my Self, all the world joins me, and it is good, very good. And so it is.