Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night many of us got to attend an evening with Dr. Michael Beckwith and his wife, Rickie Byers-Beckwith. These two beautiful Spirits wove words and music together to give us an awesome experience.

Here’s one of the many things I got from their work:

Every morning ask yourself:

How can I grow today?
What can I give?
What can I celebrate along the way?

Just in case you don’t know it yet – we’re all about Growth!! Just look outside at the newly budding trees! How are you ‘budding’ in consciousness? Since it is a given that we are going to grow, we might as well acknowledge it and do it consciously!!

Dr. Michael said we are not here to get .. we are here to give! We will ‘get’ naturally by right of our consciousness. So what can you give to your world today? Your attention, your love, your compassion, your kindness, your forgiveness?

What can you celebrate along this Path of Growth and Service? Celebrate waking up!! Being alive! Having senses to experience the world with. Celebrate your accomplishments big or little. Celebrate your friends and family. Celebrate your Self! You are GodStuff!!


I recognize the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of The Divine. Everywhere I look, The Divine has shown up for me to see, even in my mirror.

Today I choose to walk the Path of Growth with conscious acceptance. I no longer am dragged moaning and groaning into my authentic Self. I am all I desire to be right now. I open my heart, my mind and my arms to accept my greatness!

My life now reflects my willingness to give of myself to my world. All around me I see good and more good. I feel peaceful. I experience the radiance of Life as It flows through me with ease.

I celebrate being alive. I celebrate being able to recognize my Divine Self as my real self. I am so grateful to know and experience these things. It is good, very good.

I now release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are my Truth and the Truth sets me free. And So It Is.