Friday, December 03, 2010

Facing Fear

In one of the many wonderful e-newsletters I receive, I read this:

"I learned a fascinating thing about fear: it has its own fear!
If I move toward my fear, not away from it, it will start to lose its nerve."

Unfortunately I didn't write down who wrote it, but I thank them.

Sometimes we humans allow fear to become so real in our lives that it seems like a thick wall in front of us, preventing us from going further along our Path.

Most of the time, this fear is a story we've created through assumptions and built up in our minds. Think about this for a moment. How often does the fear you feel actually belong to a specific experience? Like walking along a forest path, for instance, and meeting a mountain lion face to face. Or having your car spin out of control on a icy road? Present time fears happen rarely. The rest we make up.

I'm sure you've heard the old acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. How about Future Emergencies Appearing Real. We live in the consciousness of "what if....?" We hear talk about the Great Recession and fear losing our jobs. We hear about flu season and fear becoming sick. We fear that which may or may not happen. One thing we ought to remember is that fear is a way of focusing our attention on that which we don't want, and what we focus on, we bring more of into our lives.

Here's one more acronym for you: Forgetting Everything's All Right. Yes. we've forgotten that in Truth, in God, everything is all right. That Love is the only Power and It is infinitely intelligent. When we remember this, we stop running from or resisting fear - we can move toward it, and that thick wall we thought was across our Path, dissipates into thin it. It transforms into nothingness - no thing at all!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Today I identify with the One Life, the One Heart of the Divine. It is everywhere I am because It is within me. How grateful I am to remember this.

In the One Heart there is no room for fear. I now let go of my addiction to it and step into my Truth. There is nothing to fear because everything is God. Everything is Good. In every area of my life where I have allowed fear to guide me, I choose again. The Infinitely intelligent Mind of God supports me in all ways.

I celebrate my awareness of this Truth. I am grateful to be reminded of how valuable I am and how powerful I am. I am fear free!

I release these words, knowing they are deeply embodied in my subjective mind. And so it is.