Friday, December 18, 2009


Wow! Was I surprised to get home at 3 PM yesterday and find it dark at 4:30 PM!!
I had a sense of what it must have been like for the ancient peoples who had no knowledge of the revolutions of the earth around the sun, etc., and how scary it must have been to feel that the sun was abandoning them.

I don’t think anyone knows how long ago we started celebrating the winter solstice. According to Wikipedia, in a little book written in 1948 it says that Mesopotamians were the first with a 12 day festival of renewal designed to help the god Marduk tame the monsters of chaos for one more year.
However, most of the cultures around the world have some sort of solstice ceremonies and at their root: an ancient fear that the failing light wouldn’t return unless they intervened with ritual.

This is a good time of year to honestly look at what we are afraid of. What darkness do you believe is within you? Are you afraid that your Inner Light is dimming?

I had the privilege of doing an hour long Buddhist meditation with the owner of a bed and breakfast I stayed at in Kona. During the meditation, I saw a ball of Light residing inside me, just above my navel. When I first experienced it, I was fearful. I felt a deep pressure within me and it was hot and almost too bright, yet as I breathed deeply and relaxed into it, the Light seemed to explode throughout my body and I was filled with joy. In that moment, I realized there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of - our Light can never dim - It is what we are made of.

Bright Blessings for this Winter Solstice,
Rev. Angelica


Where ever I am, God is. Where ever God is, is Light. Therefore I now declare “Let there be Light” in my consciousness awareness.

I shine my Light brightly into all the dark corners of my mind and heart. This Light reveals each thing I have been holding on to through resentment, victimization, self-pity or blame. This Light transforms each experience into something other than what I felt it was. I now see the Truth of all who were involved in these experiences, and as I see their Light, I can honestly claim they are all God.

I am transformed by this awareness. All old feelings are now replaced with a deep peace and true joy. I am living in The Light, and It feels so good.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are done, and so It is.