Friday, May 22, 2009


More and more I am realizing the importance of Trusting! Many people will pray about something and then go right back to worrying about it. Worry is negative prayer. I believe the good we are praying for is instantly attracted to us – returning to worry prohibits it from coming into our experience.

When I feel myself in this situation, I like to use the Power of NO! As I catch myself worrying, I say “No! This is not my Truth. I prayed about this and I know prayer works! Nothing is too hard for The Divine! I let go of my fears and trust!”

Dr. Holmes writes in today’s 365 Science of Mind,

“I know the Infinite Creative Law is always bringing complete satisfaction into my experience. I am conscious that there is an Infinite Wisdom directing me. Whatever I should know, I will know. Whatever I should do, I will do. Whatever belongs to me, must come to me, and because of this Infinite Intelligence that is mine and that is within me now, I am compelled to recognize my Good, to see more, to understand and accept and express more.”

Let’s trust this Truth!!


There is an infinitely intelligent Power working through everything right here and now, including me. This Power is a palpable Presence that lifts my heart, and fulfills my mind. This Power is both Love and Law, and works through me at the level I will accept for It to work.

Today I declare I am open to all the blessings of the Universe. What ever I have been praying about, I now choose to accept that this Power is so awesome It can fulfill all requests with ease. I let Spirit go before me preparing my way. Being Infinite Intelligence, It knows how, when, why, where and who. I breathe deeply and let go of my fears. I trust God to do Its perfect work, in, through and as me.

Gratefully I release these words into the law of mind, knowing they are so now – and so It is.