Friday, January 01, 2010

Fear Free!

Last Sunday, I put fear in the burning bowl -- yet with all the hustle and bustle of daily experiences, I found it creeping back in.

For instance, I took the cats to the vet yesterday to get the health certificate necessary for them to travel – and found myself feeling faint while I waited for the Vet to come in. I hadn’t realized how fearful I am about glitches in my travel plans until then. As soon as he pronounced them healthy, I felt wonderful.

I thought perhaps I should give fear a funeral to help it move into its next incarnation :) So join me:

Dearly Beloved - we've gathered here today to pay our last respects to an old friend to all of us. This old friend used to dominate us, then as we began to understand ourselves as spiritual beings, it kept us on our toes .... now with its demise, we realize it really was our friend, and served us well.
We also realize that some of its relatives might visit us from time to time, and we know the family has been transformed from Future Emergencies Appearing Real --- to Feeling Enthusiastic And Ready ...
We thank Fear for its work in our lives, we accept the blessings we received from it, and we bless it and send it into the Light,

Blessings for an awesome, fear-free 2010!


I celebrate the powerful Divine Presence of Love and Law as we begin this new year. This Divine Presence is within, among and around all of us. It comes from the very center of our being – It is Life Itself.!

Knowing this, I now declare 2010 to be an amazing year. It has more than 31,500,000 moments in it, and I choose to live them consciously. I pay attention, and experience each moment fully, knowing it is the little moments that count the most.

I have released the concept of fear. I know that with God all things are possible and since God is all there is, there is nothing to fear. I know the trained mind is the dominant mind, so as my mind is trained to recognize Itself in absolutely everything, there is nothing outside of me to fear.

I am enthusiastic about Life as It expresses through all. We are working together creating a world that works for everyone. This is good, very good.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are so, and so it is.