Saturday, May 19, 2012

Many Universes

Have you ever thought about how many universes are in this one that you're living in?

This afternoon I was weeding my garden and looked up to see a Stealth fighter jet, quite low and loud and not so stealthy, streaking across the sky. Up there, there's a whole universe with it's own language -- the language of flight. It talks in concepts of weight and resistance and wind and light ... and that's just one sect! The birds have a totally different yet similar language.

A few moments later, as I was reaching to the back of the flower bed, a brilliantly colored insect caught my eye. I watched it climb the stalk of a lily plant, navigating around the leaves. It was orange and green and yellow and black stripes. There was another universe, the universe of insects.

Later I came in the house and discovered a trail of ants and marveled at the universe they live in. I realized that even though the beetle I had seen earlier and the ants lived in the insect universe, they lived in another universe inside that one, each having it's own methods of communication. My cats came over to see what I was looking at, and here was another universe, one which interacted with mine quite well.

I have many houseplants who are living in their own universe. My housemate lives in her own universe, as do I, as do you. Universe upon universe, overlaying each other at times and yet always complete in their own way.

It made me think of Jesus' statement "In my Father's house there are many mansions..." and I had a new understanding: The universe is not only the body of God, it is where It dwells. Whether insect, airplane, animal or human, there is a place for everything. We can count on this and be grateful. All is God.


In the cosmic scheme of things, there is only One, yet that One is individuated into countless onenesses. 'The Center is everywhere, the circumference is nowhere" as Emerson wrote. I now have a deeper appreciation of this Oneness and the uniqueness that comes from it. I am a unique expression of The One.

I choose to honor all God is in my life. I see the differences even while I know the unity of all things at a deep cellular level. All my judgments drop away and I celebrate uniqueness as a divine art form. I choose to love my own differences, knowing they are what make me authentically me. It is all God - all Good.

With a grateful heart, I release these words knowing they are so, and so it is.