Friday, December 04, 2009


Blessings from the Big Island of Hawai’i

There is a plaque on the kitchen counter here that reads:

‘A’ohe hua o ka mai’a i ka lā ho’okāhi

“Bananas do not fruit in a single day”

This reminded me of my Mother’s saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And how true this is! Being born in the age of TV dinners, microwaves, instant whatevers and their evolution, we tend to want things and want them NOW! We have very little patience when we have a desire.

Yet – if we allow ourselves to look back at some of our successes – our demonstrations – we will see they came at the perfect time. It might not have been the time we wanted, yet it was perfect all the same.

One day, when I was being impatient, I had a mental image of the Universe as a huge machine with lots of gears, all whirling and twirling and meshing just so. I realized that all the movement was putting not what I wanted, but everything that had to happen so I could have what I wanted, in its perfect places.

I also realized I could force things to happen quicker – yet when I did, something was always lacking – things just didn’t fit right. Or I could spend my energies worrying about how or when it was going to manifest, thereby slowing down the process. I realized I had to start being patient and trust the Universe to do Its perfect work.

Think about that thing you’ve been treating for – how patient have you been? Are you trusting the Law and allowing the gears of the Universe to do the work only that only The Divine knows how to do?

The Law always works in Divine Timing, at the level of our receptivity. All Spiritual Mind Treatments are still active in Mind until we absolutely accept that which we’ve been treating for.

Yes, bananas don’t fruit in a day – yet they sure are delicious when they are ready!!


Gratefully I acknowledge The Divine. I know It is everywhere present, infinitely loving and all powerful. It is within me – the Source and sustainer of my life.

Recognizing this, I celebrate my willingness to use the Law for the expansion of my consciousness and the betterment of life for all. I let go of my impatience. I let go of any doubts I might have had. I declare that I know the Law works, and I let It work through me unimpeded, with ease and grace.

I now declare that the things I have been calling challenges are really projects in Mind. My job is to see the finished results and so I do. I see myself living a blessed life – healthy, wealthy, creatively fulfilled and full of love.

I feel so grateful for my awareness of Spiritual Law, so grateful to know that the results will be better than I ever expected. God is good, and all is well in my world. I release these words into the Law of Mind with joy and gratitude, and so it is.