Friday, March 02, 2012

"You will always receive help within a second of a prayer. To recognize the help, you must see everything in your life from that second on as a part of the answer to your prayer." - Caroline Myss, author, speaker

What if this is true? What if everything - whether we judge it to be negative or positive - was part of the answer to our prayers?

I know many of us feel that as soon as we've really gotten focused on our spiritual practices or classes, life seems to get sticky. Sometimes we wish we'd never gotten involved because 'things were so much easier before.'

Imagine a glass of water that 's been sitting still for awhile and has developed a sediment on the bottom. When you start pouring in fresh water, that sediment gets disturbed and begins to come to the service. The more water you pour in, the higher that sediment rises, until finally it spills out over the sides.

This is what I think happens with us. We're that glass of water that's been sitting around for awhile. We're comfortable -- we live in the upper portion of the glass where the water is clear. We don't even notice that the water's stagnant. We do notice there's something not quite right, some underlying feeling that wants us to move forward. So we take a class, or do our prayers and practices consistently. We're pouring in fresh water. That feels good. Then we realize we've been comfortable in our uncomfortableness, and now the uncomfortableness has been loosened and is coming to the surface. Some people want to stop here thinking "this spiritual stuff isn't supposed to make me feel bad!" and some do stop, because they don't want to be uncomfortable.

Some are able to do what Carolyn Mace says: "...see everything in your life from that second on as a part of the answer to your prayer" even if they didn't know that was what they were doing. They keep going, moving through the uncomfortableness - accepting that it's there, loving themselves through it, and knowing that everything is part of the answer. If we did that, we would find that as we keep pouring in the fresh water - (our prayers & practices) - the uncomfortableness would move out of our experience!

Does this mean you'll never be uncomfortable again -- no - but you'll know how to work with it, because you'll know it's a part of the process in revealing the Truth.

Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind; "The Truth is instantaneous in its demonstration, taking only such time in Its Unfoldment as is inherent in the law of a logical and sequential evolution.  In this invisible law of unfoldment, we must come to trust, and although we do not see the way, we must believe that the way IS and IS OPERATIVE.  We must trust the Invisible, for It is the sole cause of that which is visible. . . . "

See everything as an answer - and TRUST!


Lifting my consciousness above and beyond the human condition, I declare I dwell in a consciousness of Being, alive, awake and aware of playing in the realms of Infinite Potentiality.

Creative Principle is at work in every facet of my experience. Regardless of my past, or what might come up while I am doing my spiritual work, I know Spirit is with me. I am guided and nurtured at all times.

Because I know this, I am motivated, empowered and inspired by Divine Intelligence within me to continually move along my Path. Nothing outside of me can prevent my growth. Nothing outside of me can prevent my conscious awareness of the Truth of my being. Today I know, without any doubts, that Life is moving through me creating more good all the time. I love allowing It to do so.

I rejoice in the fulfillment of my good. I celebrate my awakening to my spiritual magnificence. I honor the Presence that makes all this possible. I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are already so. And so it is.