Saturday, June 22, 2013

Honor Your Acheivements

On the Summer Solstice I wrote as my Facebook status:  “This Solstice represents a time of fulfillment. Think of all the things you've achieved this year and celebrate them!!”

When I sat down to do this myself, I started thinking about the things I wanted to do and didn’t.  I wondered how many of us do this instead of honoring our achievements.  Think about the last time you did a year-in-review before a birthday or New Years. What did you mainly think about? 

In our faith tradition there’s a saying:  “The energy flows where the attention goes.”  In other words, if we’re only thinking about what we didn’t do, we’ll not do more of the same.  If we focus on our achievements, we’ll achieve more.

Years ago, I met a man named Positive Paul.  He stated that humans think up to 90,000 thoughts a day, yet over 60,000 of them are negative.  I started paying more attention to my self talk and realized he was right!   I found myself in the land of ‘should,’ ‘shouldn’t have’, ‘if only,’ why didn’t I’, ‘why didn’t they’, or ‘what about me’, over and over.  

When I catch myself going into the negatives, I don’t like it at all. I’ve declared that a part of my mind will be my not-so-silent witness, and when I start to head in the wrong direction, it has directions to gently, easily and humorously remind me to get back on track!

Not only do some people not honor their achievements, they get embarrassed and try to avoid acknowledgment from others. A year ago or so, my prayer partner and I talked about this very subject, and decided to keep a compliment journal.  Every night we’d right down whatever compliments we got during the day.   What fun it is to look back and see how much I have been appreciated!

Will you join me in honoring your achievements now and forevermore?  It feels so good!


Gratefully I acknowledge the powerful Presence within me, that loved so much It became Life Itself.  It became all things to have an even more unique experience of Itself, including me. This powerful Presence is my lifeforce.

I now choose to claim and acknowledge all my accomplishments, All things I have done, I have done with and as the Presence Within.  I know my desire to do the things I do is Spirit’s desire.  My willingness to be the best I can be, is Spirit’s willingness.  I let go of any fears of ego attachment I might have, and know I am always doing my best. I listen to the voice of Spirit as I hear compliments. Spirit in me as me is achieving many things and I get the acknowledgement.  My life is good, very good.

I now release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing I have accomplished a lot.  And so it is.