Friday, May 30, 2008

Every morning I walk around the garden to see how things are growing. Lately I've found myself getting excited as I watch the flower buds developing. I haven't seen what the flowers are like on many of the plants getting ready to bloom as they were here before I was. I've discovered peonies with buds now show tiny stripes of red, rose buds starting to open showing white or pink, and lobelia starting to look blue, The daylilies I planted are sending up their stalks. The strawberries have white blossoms which I know will soon become luscious red fruit. There are other plants I am not familiar with that have tight little green buds.

I started thinking about my feeling of excitement about the known and unknown – and realized this is one of the main ingredients to manifestation. I planted things in this garden, and know they will become something wonderful. I am tending other plants anticipating that they will become something beautiful. My excitement is in watching the process.

Excitement is defined as "the feeling or condition of lively enjoyment or pleasant anticipation." We all have many "buds" in our consciousness. Some from mental seeds we consciously planted and some seeds we accepted from the collective consciousness. (Some of those we had to pull out like weeds.) These buds will soon flower. Can we be as excited about them as I am about the emerging flowers in my garden? YES! We can think of the seeds we have planted in our mental gardens with joyous expectancy and gratitude, and those attitudes will be like the fertilizer put on plants to make them grow stronger and quicker!! A divine Miracle-grow! <>

Happy Gardening!!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


I am consciously aware that there is One Life in this universe. It is within everything I experience with my senses and more. It is within me, filling me up, nurturing me, guiding me, sustaining me.

As this Life lives through me, I do this as well. I fill up, nurture, guide and sustain everything in my consciousness.

Today I choose to see my consciousness as a precious garden. I pay attention to the details. I weed, and water, and feed the seeds I have planted by using meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. I joyously expect delightful results.

My mental garden is a place of serenity. It is abundantly prolific. It is radiantly beautiful. It is awesomely fruitful.

I rejoice in my creations, ever so grateful for my awareness that I am tending a Divine Garden. Divine Life is the One Life that animates everything, and It is the life I am living now.

And so It is.