Friday, September 05, 2008


As we move along our constantly emerging Path, we talk about consciously living in integrity with others – yet what about ourselves?

In the back of The Science of Mind, you will find some beautiful meditations written by Dr. Holmes … this one called to me this morning:

I shall keep the promise I have made to myself.

I shall never again tell myself I am poor, sick, weak, nor unhappy.

I shall not lie to myself any more, but shall daily speak the truth to my inner Soul, telling It that It is wonderful and marvelous;

that It is One with the Great Cause of all Life, Truth, Power and Action.

I shall whisper these things into my Soul until it breaks

forth into songs of joy with the realization of Its

Limitless possibilities.

Yes, I shall assure my Soul.

This is living in integrity. Thank God!

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is no Life but God Life. It is a marvelous experience. It is filled with Love and Law.

As I live this Life, I celebrate Its uniqueness in, through and as me. I am Divine Truth made manifest.

As I celebrate myself in this One Life, I refuse to experience limitation in my physical body or the body of my affairs. I feel my heart full of joy and know my mind is clear. I enjoy the beauty of each moment and each experience is power filled. I know these things not only for myself but for everyone. We are all One.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, rejoicing that I live in integrity. And so it is.