Friday, June 19, 2009


The other day I was waiting at a traffic light and heard a beautiful bird song. I noticed the bird sitting on a branch. Suddenly it seemed like she threw herself off the branch and headed straight down. I gasped, and watched as she flapped her wings, gained altitude and soared. Then folding her wings against her body, she rode the winds, only flapping a bit to keep herself aloft.

The light changed and I drove on, but the visual picture stayed with me. If that picture had a word, it would be Trust. The bird didn’t hold onto the branch for dear life as the wind blew – she threw herself into it! It held her up and she only needed to flap her wings when she wanted to adjust her direction.

I thought about how with the winds of change in today’s world, there’s a part of us fearfully clinging to the past – to what we’ve known. We’re now realizing that what we’ve known isn’t necessarily going to work anymore. It’s time to throw ourselves into the wind and soar! We can look at the wind as Divine Law. It will support us. We just have to flap our wings and let It know where we want to go!!

I came home to find this in my e-mail box. I love how the Universe confirms my thoughts!!

Have you ever seen the acrobats on the big trampolines, or the people in the circus on the big bounding nets? And they hit that net and they spring forth into flight. Well, the moment that they hit the net, that's like the platform of your life. But it is the flying through the air that is the main event.

We want you to think of your "now reality" as nothing more than the net that is springing you -- but it is the flight through the air that is your life.

So many of you, you hit that net and then you lay on your stomach, and then you wrap your fingers and toes into it, and you put your face tight into it, and you say, "I've got to face reality." And we say, you didn't come forth to face reality. You came forth to spring off of reality. You came forth to let the reality be the basis from which you take flight. --Abraham-Hicks Philadelphia, PA ‘99

Whoo Hoo!! Let’s fly!!


I recognize and honour the powerful Presence that is absolutely everywhere. It is the wind beneath my wings, and the wings themselves. It is my breath and my heartbeat. It is - therefore I am.

I now declare I willingly untangle myself from wherever I have been stuck. I jump up and fly! I know that as I make the leap, the whole Universe is supporting me. I now leap into a new consciousness of Self. I leap into the consciousness of health, wealth, service and love. Everything my heart desires is now mine, and what I desire is for the greatest good for all.

Gratefully I fly free – allowing The Divine to guide and support me – and I enjoy the flight!

I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are done, and so It is.