Friday, July 10, 2009

Exciting Times

One of the things I have noticed lately is the proliferation of articles about the changing energies in our universe. Some are attributing it to the coming of 2012, to Armageddon, to alien visitation, and to the environmental changes. Some have even gone so far as to write: “make sure you have food and water, your will made up, etc.”

I agree that the energy is building – and that big changes are coming. How could they not!! With the way things have been going on the surface level, it looks like everything is falling apart – yet, what if everything is really falling into its right and perfect places?

What if all the individual prayers for peace, harmony, prosperity, right-work, health, and love are coming into fruition right now? Things certainly are showing up more quickly in my life! I just have to think a thing and there it is!

And because what I am experiencing is just a microcosm of the macrocosm – what if all the prayers we’ve been doing for world peace, health, prosperity and food and water for all, are coming into fruition right now?

Have you noticed that in your own experience, things seem to look the worst just before they get better??? The old paradigms are in their death throes, battling to stay alive. The new paradigms, that I believe we set up more publically in the ‘60’s, are taking their places.

We are living in exciting times!! And each of us is going to experience these times by what we focus on. It is more important than ever to keep the High Watch. It is more important than ever to keep claiming Good for all. Here’s a spiritual practice for you: At least four times today, let yourself stop what ever you are doing, take a few deep breaths and say “I live in a wonderful world.”


I am so grateful to remember Who I Am – God in form, having an experience of being human through and as me. I am grateful to know I am Love and using Law in every moment.

I refuse to participate in a conversation of doom and gloom. I am living in world of my making that is peaceful and filled with happiness, health, wealth and creativity. I am living in a world that works for everyone. I declare I am ready to ride the wave of good for all.

As I speak these words, I let them sink deep into my subjective mind and become fully embodied there. Nothing can move me off Center because this is where I am rooted in faith. I trust God, the Good and my All–Sufficiency, with my whole being.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are already so, and so it is.