Friday, February 06, 2009

Drop It and Leap!

Along with the sun shining, and buds appearing on the plants in my yard, there is something else brewing in me. Part of me thinks “Oh No! Spring Cleaning!” and another part is eager to get to the job. There is something so satisfying about clearing out the old and making room for the new.

So it is with our consciousness as well. Many of the world’s great thinkers, including me, are so excited about the major leap in consciousness that is occurring. The Vanguard has jumped. We see it and we feel it and we know we are all making this leap! We also know it’s a leap that can’t be made with baggage.

What kind of baggage is weighing you down? What have you been dragging around for years, or months or even days? Perhaps it’s something you haven’t had the courage to forgive, or perhaps it’s a responsibility that really isn’t yours to carry, but you’ve been carrying it. Perhaps it’s something you think you’re supposed to be doing, even though your heart is crying. Let go. The easiest way to make the leap, is to be fully in the Now.

Go ahead, drop that baggage. You aren’t doing it alone – we are leaping together, supporting each other in being authentic and free. Are you ready? Whee! What an experience!


I love playing in the fields of Infinite Potentiality. I am in awe of how Life uses me to create a world that works for all. I am ready for this work. I was born for this Work.

I celebrate the One Mind, knowing this is the Mind I am using. I choose right now to just let go of all that has been holding me back from all I am meant to be. I let go of my littleness. I now realize I am already what I’ve always wanted to be, I just thought I wasn’t. I allowed myself to buy into the old paradigm of “less than.”

This is no longer my Truth. I am a whole, complete and perfect expression of The Divine. My work no longer feels heavy, but light. I am playing in the fires of Love, joyfully expressing that aspect of The Divine that is uniquely me. Every area of my Life reflects this joy, and I am pleased.

Gratefully and humbly I acknowledge all that have gone before me, preparing my way. I am so glad I am here – it is a good time to be alive! I release these words, delighting in the Truth of them. And so it is.