Friday, May 29, 2009


Dear Ones,

Last Sunday, our Centre initiated a Gratitude Campaign. For 30 days, we are choosing to be grateful instead of complaining!! Using Blesslets acquired from that read “Thank You God,” we are ready to experience more good, more joy and more Life!!

Here’s how it works: Remember the “Complaint-Free World” campaign we participated in a couple of years ago, in which Unity minister and author, Rev. Will Bowman, designed a purple bracelet to break ourselves of the habit of complaining? He suggested that every time we caught ourselves complaining, we change the bracelet to the other wrist.

This is the first part of our Gratitude Campaign. We’re taking it a step further. When we change the Blesslet to our other wrist, we change the complaint to an expression of gratitude. Here’s an example: I needed to buy gasoline. I came to my favourite gas station and noticed the price - $1.05 a litre!! I started to complain, realized what I was doing, changed my bracelet, and declared “Thank God I have a car to drive!” I immediately noticed the physiological changes in my body – from a clenching of my muscles at the beginning of irritation, to the releasing of my muscles and a much, more peaceful feeling.

Metaphysically we know that ‘where the attention goes, the energy flows.’ I would much rather be focusing my energy on what I’m grateful for, wouldn’t you?

Sai Baba of Shirdi said:

Before you speak, ask yourself:

Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true,
does it improve on the silence?

WOW – My Mother was always telling me as a child to think before I spoke. Now I can ask myself: “Does what I am about to say improve on the silence?” Certainly complaints wouldn’t. Gratitude would.


I am one with the Great Silence, the Divine Creative Power that is the Cause to all. It is within me and all things. It is an Energy that is acted upon my thoughts and feelings.

Knowing this, I now declare I live a life of gratefulness. I celebrate everything I have attracted into my experience and everything I have not. I am grateful for my body, this wonderous earthsuit that allows me to experience all there is to experience in this place in time. I am grateful for my emotions, that give richness and meaning to my experiences. I am grateful for my mind, that is working for me all the time. I give thanks for that One behind my body, mind and emotions, that is my Life and my Guiding Light.

I declare that Life is good, very good. Joyously I release this word to Law and see that it is my Truth. I am so grateful. And so it is.