Friday, January 28, 2011

Birth and Death

25 years ago, I woke up to a 4:00 AM phone call -- "The volcano is fountaining! Get up here now!" My friend, Michael, lived in Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawai'i, and had promised me he'd call the next time it went off. I dragged myself out of bed and drove up the hill. We stood in a small park about 5 miles away from the vent and we could see it perfectly against the dark sky. The lava was fountaining 900 feet in the air. I was so awestruck. I was witnessing the birth of new land.

We watched for quite a while as the sun rose and when the fountain died down, Michael invited me and some of the other spectators to his home for coffee. I started to walk away and then turned and looked back to see one more burst of molten lava shoot into the sky. It was like it fountained just for me. Wow!

At the house, one of the visitors noticed the new big satellite dish in the back yard and asked about it. Michael handed him the controls and turned on the TV. Every station had the shuttle explosion. Hardly anyone touched their coffee. We sat there stunned, watching as the stations showed the picture of the explosion over and over again.

My mind was reeling. I had gone from an ecstatic delight in watching birth - to a deep sadness watching the news. I thought about how temporary life is - how it burns brightly one second and can be over the next.

This memory today makes me even more conscious of how important it is to Love. I remember Joseph Campbell saying that our lives are like the blink of Brahma's eye. We only have a short time to express and experience the Love we are here to be. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of Love in any of It's forms - mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Whether it be a smile for a stranger, moments spent in prayer and meditation, a bit of communion with nature or pets, or a deep intimate experience with a loved one -- go for it!


Love is the Source and substance of all that is. It is the invisible Divine Essence that becomes form through our thoughts and feelings. It is the All there Is.

I now declare I am ready and willing to be a Love Generator. I choose to be in the Presence of Divine Love as I move through my life, and I share this Love with joy. As I share It, It comes back to me, pressed down and running over.

Love is what I am here for. Love is who I am. As I Love, I experience joy, and great good comes into my life and the lives of those I love. How grateful I am to know this, to feel this.

I release these words into Spiritual Law, knowing they are my Truth and so it is.