Friday, February 16, 2007

27 years ago, when I first walked into a Religious Science church, I learned a whole new language … it included words like consciousness, demonstration, manifestation, attraction etc., and my friends thought I was in a cult. This afternoon, Dr. Michael Beckwith and others will return to the Oprah show and a film called The Secret is a secret no longer. Our teaching is in the mainstream!

We are truly in a renaissance period! I’ve been saying for years that we are in the midst of an awesome paradigm shift – where a new belief system is moving into the collective consciousness. You might not think so when watching the news, however, Marilyn Ferguson, who coined the phrase “paradigm shift” in her book The Aquarian Conspiracy, in the early ‘80’s, wrote that when a new consciousness is being born, the old one fights to stay alive. I see this so clearly! Humanity is moving from a fear-based reality to one of common sense, from a greedy grab all to a quiet respect of Mother Nature’s ways, from a dependence on others to take care of us, to an honourable self-sufficiency, and from a sense of separateness to Oneness. We’re becoming more mindful.

What exciting times we live in! How grateful I am to have attracted to me the ways and means to keep being a part of this Global Paradigm Shift! How grateful I am to YOU who have been doing your part in this Great Work!

We DO make a difference!

Blessings of Love, Rev. Angelica


At the core of everything, there is only One – One infinitely intelligent, unconditionally loving Energy that is the Source and substance of all things. This energy is Life Itself. It lives in me and through all others as Divine Consciousness. It is the only begotten, always begetting.

I now declare I have the consciousness of Oneness. Any thoughts of separation are false ideas I immediately release. My renewed consciousness brings me a great sense of inner peace, and an excitement for what is. I am a living expression of the Law of Attraction in action. I am whole and magnificent, immersed in Spirit as It lives through me. I celebrate my life and the lives of all others.

We have come a long way, and are moving confidently into our future. I am so grateful to be alive in this period of history. We are awakening to our spiritual magnificence. I claim this, I know this, and it is so. And so it is.