Friday, December 14, 2012

Feel Your Feelings

This past year there have been terrible shootings in public places. There have been private shootings, stabbings, beatings, and wars. There are reactive angry actions happening all over our world.

I sit with tears as I think about the tiny children in Connecticut.. My first inclination is to condemn the perpetrators, yet following that comes this question: What kind of pain creates these kinds of actions? What happened to hurt them so badly they have to lash out and hurt others?

In the next few days we'll hear lots of stories. We'll try to figure out why it happened. Yet, we'll never know anything except that the person, perhaps persons, were in tremendous pain.

Years ago, I watched a program on TV where scientists said that in the animal world, fear turns to attack in 60 seconds. So the bottom line question is "What are we afraid of?"

Where is your fear, your pain, your anger? We've all been there. Have we buried it, or dealt with it? These are the times to deal with it. It's the feelings we've buried. For far too long we've been told to stifle our feelings. It's not appropriate to be angry or hurt or sad, especially if you're in a New Thought tradition. Unfortunately buried things never stay buried - they erupt in many different ways.  We can't hold them in any longer.  It's time to feel.

My heart is being broken open by the pain I see in our world. In the breaking open, I let Love pour out a healing balm. I know God is in the midst of all the details.


God is Love - an unconditional Love that is the Source, substance and support of all things. Love is the greatest healing agent there is. This Love is within each of us.

I now declare we are ready and willing to be the holder of Love for anyone in a tragic situation - both the victims and the perpetrators. We feel our feelings and move into a space where Love heals all wounds, and makes the way easier. We open our hearts to compassion and empathy. We open our minds to knowing the Truth of all. God is there in the midst of each experience.

Quietly and gratefully I release these words to Divine Law, and know that they are so. And so It is.