Friday, May 12, 2006

Yesterday I was at the mall, spending some of that delightful money I won, and doing one of my favorite things: having a decadent coffee drink and wandering around people watching. It was obvious that a lot of Mother’s Day shopping was happening. Women seemed to be shopping with a definite gift in mind. Some men herded their small children into housewares departments while others wandered around looking at a lot of things, ending up at flower kiosks or candy stores.

Yes, most of us are thinking about our Mothers this weekend. Some of us are thinking about being Mothers. Some are thinking fond thoughts, and some just want to avoid the holiday.

In my meditation this morning I remembered being about 6 years old, sitting on the wall between our house and our next door neighbor’s. I wasn’t allowed out of our yard, however, I was trying to make friends with the little girl who lived next door. I remember so clearly watching her Mother bring out a sweater, helping her put it on, and giving her a hug. I could tell the little girl was enfolded in her Mother’s love as well as her arms. My heart hurt from longing for that type of experience.

When I was 33, my birth sister found me, our brother and our Mother. After talking a couple of times on the phone, I received a note from my Mother that said “I love you my sweet daughter.” I cried years of tears as I realized I had never heard that before. A month or so later, at our first meeting, I felt my Mother’s arms around me, and knew I was experiencing what I had longed for as a 6 year old. It was an amazing experience.

This weekend I choose to be grateful for the Mother that birthed me because I am alive! I’m grateful for the Mother that adopted me at 2 ½ because in between her alcoholic rages she gave me an appreciation for the beauty in this world. I’m grateful for being sent away to live at a girl’s catholic school, because I discovered the Divine Mother which made it easier to be alive. I’m grateful for the foster Mother that taught me the true meaning of family as she opened her heart as well as her home to this 16 year old runaway. And I know that as I grew up, my affinity for Mother Mary attracted me to the spiritual Mothers I’m grateful to have had: Rev. Helen Street and Mama Luanna.

If you’re one of those who has difficulty with this holiday because of the pains of your childhood, or the pains you might be experiencing as Mothers, Grandmothers, or Stepmothers – there is always something to be grateful for. I invite you to focus on that. Remember to Love everyone unconditionally, including yourself. You are your own best Mother!!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is that within me that is the Divine Mother. It celebrates my life, as It is the cause and the source of my life, and lives through me, as me. It is unconditional Love. This Love is always giving Itself to me.

I now say YES to this Love. I feel it deep within my being, and allow myself to experience It without any conditions. I am the Beloved, loved beyond measure. I accept this. It is my Truth.

This Love fills me with the strength and courage to live my life magnificently. It constantly reminds me I have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of. I am the child of Love made manifest, and this is good, very good.

I am so grateful for embodying the consciousness of Divine Love. I celebrate the Divine Mother with joy. And so it is.