Friday, January 07, 2011

What Direction am I Going?

I succumbed to the coldflu thing that's going around. I didn't want to - I was sure I wouldn't - but I did.

At one feverish point I could almost hear myself chanting "I'm not sick, I'm not sick, I'm not sick." I had an instant visual of that chant being said as locomotive engine wheels turned round and round. The train was heading quickly in the direction of "Sick" instead of "Not Sick." I had to figure out how to get to the engine at the other end of the train and get it to start moving in the opposite direction! The harder I tried to get it to go toward 'Not Sick" the faster it seemed to go toward "Sick." In my imagination I saw myself finally pulling on the break and stopping the train. Only then could I get it to go in the other direction -- and then I realized the other direction was not called "Not Sick" --it was called "Well."

I realize now I had to just let go and be sick before I could start being well. This is called "being with what is." It doesn't mean we have to stay there -- being with what is stops the forward motion towards what we don't want to experience. When I stopped thinking about being sick, I could choose being well.


Today I know the Truth about myself. I am a living, breathing, expression of the One Life. That Life is God's Life, and It is perfect.

I choose now to be more open to expressing God in my body, and in the body of my affairs. Since it is all God, it is all Good. I no longer dwell upon what I don't want - I only see the end results of what I do want.

I am so grateful to know these Principles and to be reminded of them. I am grateful to know that who and what I am is so much more than what I experience. I let go and let God be God in, through and as me now.
And so it is