Friday, July 07, 2006

In Alan Cohen’s e-newsletter this week, he gave a link to a Honda ad that is amazing. He writes:

If you ever wondered about cause and effect, this mind-boggling Honda TV ad will astound and illuminate you! There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time. The commercial took 606 takes over weeks of shooting day and night. Cost was $6,000,000, with three months of engineering to set it up. All the parts are from two of the six handmade Honda Accords in the world. Enjoy!

It reminded me of a story that Rev. Doug Craig told quite a few years ago when he visited my church in Hawai’i. At the time, he was the leader of the Red Deer Centre and had to drive to Calgary for some errands. A friend had to go into town as well, so they went together. Afterwards they decided to stop for dinner at a restaurant they knew. Rev. Doug pulled into the first parking place he saw on the street and got teased by his friend, because, after all, he should be able to manifest a parking space right in front. He decided to humour her, and sure enough, just as they drove up, another car pulled out of the space right in front of the restaurant. As Rev. Doug got out of his car, he saw a woman’s purse in the street – and at the same time – a picture flashed through his mind of standing behind two women at a corner light. One was saying to the other “I’ve lost my purse, and I don’t know what to do. I’m praying someone honest found it.”

Because both Rev. Doug and his friend were very hungry, they decided to take the purse to the police after they’d eaten, and he put it in his car. After dinner, Doug’s friend said she wanted to quickly visit a bookstore close by, so they set off in that direction. At the corner, Rev. Doug found himself behind two women …. And yes, one was saying “I’ve lost my purse ….” He tapped her on the shoulder, took her to his car, and handed her her purse.

I love this story, because it is delightful example of the Law of Cause and Effect in action. If you’ve watched the Honda video clip, you will realize that everything in this story, just as in the video, had to happen exactly as it did so that things would turn out for everyone’s highest and best good.

Perhaps if there’s an area in your life where things are looking like they are falling apart –you might consider that Divine Right Action is taking place, and things are really falling into their right and perfect places. Or if you’ve been Treating for a certain experience and it still hasn’t manifested, you might consider that the Universal Gears are in action, declare that you know it to be so, and remember: We are indeed dealing with Infinite Intelligence, and It is working through us every moment!

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


We live and move and have our being in an infinite Field of creative potentiality. This Field is both Love and Law. This Field serves us as we focus our attention on it. This Field has many names, each one both personal and impersonal to us. I call It The Divine.

Today I celebrate The Divine and the intricate ways It works in my life. I embody the Truth that It is done unto me as I believe, and I believe I am One with The Divine. All that It is, I am.

I set my intentions with care and watch them manifest with joy, knowing that in this infinite Field of creative potentiality, everything is moving into its right and perfect place to serve me well.

Gratefully I celebrate my position as co-creator. All is well in my world. And so it is.