Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Much of the world as I know it is doing Life Reviews. As another year passes, we look back at the remarkable changes we've gone through. I certainly have!

A friend spent today doing "the last time she'd ___________ in 2010."  It wasn't about things she no longer wanted to do -- it was about the last egg she'd eat in 2010, the last book she'd read, the last cup of coffee she'd drink, the last load of laundry she'd do, the last shower she'd take. I thought that was an interesting thing to think. What if we approached everything like that? Like it was the last time we'd ever do a thing, no matter how profound or simple it was? I'm sure we'd be paying a lot more attention!! Our actions would be filled with meaning. It's called living in the NOW!

Then again, many of the conversations of the last couple of days seem to be around New Year's Resolutions. I have often made them, and just as often, broken them. As I listened to people talking about being more successful, losing weight, being more prosperous, or finding their RPM (right and perfect mate), I realized all that will come - more good is always coming. I could have it anytime I could accept it was already so.

This year I decided to set an Intention -- not about what I wanted to do or have -- but what I wanted to Be. I declared my intention to be more loving, more compassionate and more kind than I was this year.

What I absolutely Know, is whether we decide to be more in the Now, or what ever resolutions or intentions we declare, this time next year, we will be different people.

Somewhere in the years 170 to 180, Marcus Aurelius wrote in "Meditations": "All things you see will be changed, and out of their substance will make other things and again others so the world may be ever new."

Right now I declare that is Good -- why? Because no matter how things change, it's all God!

Happy New Year everyone!


I step into this New Year, ready and willing to have a greater experience of the One Life. I am open to the realization that God is my good, therefore my good is always here.

I choose now to be more than I thought I was - I step fully into my Divinity, knowing it is my true self. Out of this comes magnificent changes, not only for myself but for all in my circle of influence and beyond.

I declare 2011 is a good year -- a year of experiencing Life in Its abundance of all things. I am healthy, happy and fulfilled, and the vibration I live in, is a powerful, positive force for the good of all.

I now release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are deeply embodied. And so it is.