Friday, June 01, 2012

Life Gave Me a Lemon

Yesterday I was watching a friend put lemon in her water and remembered a story from my past:

A friend was over for dinner, and we were making a dish that needed lemon. We jumped in the car and went to the store -- no lemons!! I said to her "We live in Southern California - there's got to be a lemon tree somewhere. Let's just know we're going to find one." We drove around for quite awhile, and there wasn't a tree anywhere. We'd given up and were headed back to my home when we stopped at a traffic light. I looked out the window, and there, behind a wall was a lemon tree. A few branches were hanging over the wall. I nudged my friend and pointed, and just as we both turned to look, a huge lemon fell onto the sidewalk! She jumped out and grabbed it, and we laughed the rest of the way home.

It was a perfect example of how the Universe provides. We asked, and we received. The funny thing was, we didn't receive until we gave up trying to find it ourselves.

I wonder how many of us are praying for something, and then trying to do it ourselves .. trying to manipulate the thing we're desiring into our lives?

Jesus said "Pray, believing it is so, and it will be." The lemon taught me to trust more. I can declare a thing, let go and let the Law do its job. Simple teaching, right? Now, how easy am I going to let it be!

Spiritual Mind Treatment

We live in an infinitely intelligent universe. This Intelligence is in everything and everyone. It works through Love and Law - Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible.

I now declare I am ready and willing to let Life be this easy. I speak my word into the Law of Mind with Love, and let the Law do the work. I no longer try to fix things myself, or make things work. There is That Within Me that knows how to do it way better than I can imagine. So I let It.

How grateful I am to have this realization and to remember that the Power is within. I celebrate the simplicity of the Law. I celebrate the unconditional Love that guides the way. And so it is.