Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pay Attention!

At the end of the film, Boyhood, the young ones have hiked into the mountains, and two of them are standing on top of a rock hill – the one speaking has his arms stretched out, and he yells this line at the top of his voice:   

“It’s like all of time has unfolded before us so we can stand here and yell “F*#! Yeah!”

I practically jumped out of my chair.  Not only was the scenery incredibly beautiful, but I could FEEL what he was saying!   I am so in love with this line!  Everything has been orchestrated, just for us, to have the experience we’re having moment by moment.  All of life is continually unfolding Its beauty before us, offering Itself for our appreciation and gratitude.

Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to!  That’s what the Universe responds to. 


We live in an infinite field of creative potentiality.  This Field has everything in it we could possibly want or need, and more.  This Field is unconditionally loving, and responds to us with ease and grace.

Knowing this, I now declare I am a magnet for more – more beauty, more joy, more expanded experiences.  I am ready to know the Truth of my being – that I am so much more than I have thought up until now.  I am of such great value that the whole Universe lays at my feet, ready to pleasure my senses and my every need.

I am so grateful I am tapping into this Reality more and more.  Life really is Good.  Life is God.    And so it is.