Friday, April 11, 2014

Changes .....

My life changed drastically this winter.  I was working and loving what I was doing, and the next moment wasn’t working and feeling a deep sense of loss.  A friend’s sister had written a blog titled “Nothing Prepared Me for This.”   And that’s the Truth.  Nothing in my life prepared me for what I was experiencing.  I felt like I was walking through a thick fog, doing what was in front of me to do, stranded alone except for a couple of friends, (thank God for them!)  The ease and joy of life was gone.  I was full of self- doubt about my abilities and unsure as to whether my vocation was still viable.  I didn’t know what I would do.  I felt lost, abandoned, even shunned.

I allowed myself to really feel the confusion, disappointment and sadness.  At the same time I was feeling grateful to have this teaching as my foundation.  I knew how to take responsibility for my experience.  Not responsibility for what others said or did, but responsibility for my actions and reactions.  I remembered I could count on Spiritual Law, and trust that powerful, Loving Presence within me.  After a few weeks, I started to feel alive again, and with the coming of Spring, even more so. A part-time job came about quite synchronistically and my pet sitting business started to grow again.   

I started receiving invitations to be a guest speaker at various Centers, and with each opportunity, I again realized my passion is still the ministry.  I have no doubts about my vocation.  I sent out candidating packages to 4 Centers needing a Spiritual Leader. I know the Universe is leading me to the right and perfect place for me and all concerned. 

Sure, there are times I get fearful, like when my bills aren’t being paid so I can pay the rent, but I also know this is temporary.  I KNOW I can trust the Law of Mind to honor my dominant thoughts and feelings, so I stay centered in Peace and Love.  I’ve also realized that living in the “groundlessness of being” as Pema Chrodin calls it, is not a bad place to be! 

No, nothing prepares us for sudden changes, however, maintaining our daily spiritual practices during the good times helps us stay centered and trusting during our challenges.  Everything always works out perfectly, for the highest and best for all!   


There is that within me that is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving.  I know this Presence as God – a Divine Energy that is the Source and substance of all things.  How grateful I am to constantly remember this.

I now declare into the Law of Mind for myself and all else who are experiencing challenges of any kind, that we KNOW we can change our minds right now and effect change.  I declare that Life is providing us with an abundance of trust, self-confidence and inner peace, and we are open to receiving it. We move through our challenges with ease and grace.  We have a deep understanding of their message.  Divine Mind is assisting us in attaining and maintaining the consciousness of the life we desire to live, and it feels good.

I am grateful to facilitate change.  I am grateful to know the Truth of our being.  God in us, as us, is doing Great Work.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they’ve been embodied and we are living from a Higher Truth   And so it is.