Saturday, November 29, 2014


A few weeks ago I saw the movie “The Giver.” I immediately got the book out of the library, surprised to discover it was a young adult novel. The book was much simpler than the movie and both gave me so much to think about.

In the movie, everyone lives in sameness – same clothes, same rituals, same restrictions in language.  People are ‘assigned’ their children and children are ‘assigned’ their future.  Everyone is polite, no one asks questions, no one wants to rock the boat.  Everyone follows the rules – even the weather!

A young man is assigned to be a ‘Receiver.’ The rules are changed a bit for him.  He can ask “The Giver” anything he wants, but he can’t tell anyone anything.  The Giver is training him to be a library of memories.  With those memories, the young man discovers feelings - joy and delight, love and pain, anger and resentment.  As he experiences the feelings, he starts to have pain and pleasure, and begins to see colors. Everything has changed.  The old way of living no longer makes sense.

This is such a metaphor for the current collective consciousness.  We've been encouraged to live in sameness, to be like everyone else – in dress, possessions, thoughts and actions.  We were told that being like others would make us safe.  For awhile we felt that way.  In past years though, so many systems we felt were ‘safe’ have failed.  Some of us are starting to see the true colors.  Perhaps this is the reason so many of us are called “Light Bearers.”  We’re revealing the Light and allowing the true colors to be revealed.   Ways of life are changing and at the same time the old ways are fighting for us to stay the same. 

Part of this break-through feels like emotional breakdown. Sometimes it is easier to ignore our feelings because we think it will hurt too much.  The ignoring takes a lot of energy, more energy than it would if we allowed the feelings to be revealed and expressed. What if we allowed ourselves to realize that our feelings are important, that they deserve to be expressed?   I know you have felt the release of inner pressure with a good cry.   It doesn’t feel good while we’re doing it, but when we’re finished, we feel lighter, cleaner, more clear.

This film has the perfect message for us and the times we live in. I think the apathy at the polls, the unwillingness to take a stand for what we believe in, is part of our wanting to be ‘safe.’  We don’t want to stand out.  I’m sure you've heard about the ‘Dumbing of America’ – to me it seems more like the ‘Numbing of America’. 

Benjamin Franklin wrote:  “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.”   Where are we giving up essential liberties to feel safe?  Whether they be liberties of possession, love, the internet, or our feelings, let’s pay attention – let’s allow ourselves to feel. Let’s be the unique individuals The Divine created us to be, and stand up for The Truth!        


I acknowledge that there is a powerful Presence within me desiring to express Itself through me.  It is God’s Life, and It always been and will always be living my life as me.

I choose to stop blocking Spirit’s movement through me with my fears.  I let go of thinking something outside of me is blocking me.  I know that since all there is is God, there is nothing to fear.  I open my heart to feel Life in all It’s magnificence.  I open my mind to experience the unique ideas that want to express themselves through me.  I take a stand for freedom, my own and everyone else’s.  I rejoice in our individuality. 

How grateful I am to have the ability to choose to play the game of Life in a bigger way.  This game is being played in the fields of infinite potentiality.  I see and feel the True Colors and it is good.

I release these words into Divine Law, knowing they are now embodied.  And so it is.