Friday, April 09, 2010


Have you ever really given thought to the conversation that is going on 24/7 in your mind? Anyone who meditates has certainly seen easy it is to get hooked into various patterns of thinking!!

It is important to notice these things. Quite often thoughts slip out our mouths before we're aware they were going to do so. My teacher, the late Rev. Helen Street, once said that she only had to talk to someone for 5 minutes to know what God they worshiped.

Are you telling someone that money is the reason you can't do something? You're worshiping the god of lack. Talking about a former love partner, a boss, the government, etc., and what they did to you? You're worshiping the god of victimhood.

What we worship - or contemplate - we become.

You see, through our thoughts (which through experiences become beliefs) we define our lives. We are constantly creating a conversation with ourselves about what this world is about. We are all born storytellers. We give our stories color and meaning. The world around us reflects our stories.

What stories are you telling?

Many of us are starting to tell our stories around a central Truth: "All there is is Divine Energy - filled with unconditional loving intelligence - and this is who we are." Now we use our thoughts and words as tools for transformation -- not just for ourselves, but for our world.

And this is good, very good.


There is one Mind, and this Mind is God's Mind. Within this Mind is all the world has thought, felt and experienced. Within this Mind is all I have ever thought, felt and experienced. This is the Mind I am using now - always have been and always will.

I now rejoice in my conscious awareness of the infinite intelligence within me. I celebrate my being able to use my awareness to change my 'story' whenever I want. I do so now. I declare I am now experiencing a world that works for everyone. I don't have to know what that looks like, yet I know it is happening, because I am choosing it as my new story. From this point on, Infinite Intelligence works through me to make this our reality. I am defining my world as a safe, healthy, nurturing, creative place to live.

Our lives are more valuable than we could ever know. Our lives are the Invisible made visible. How grateful I am be realizing this at a deep soul level.

I release these words, knowing they are my Highest Truth, and so It is.