Friday, April 20, 2007

Like you, I was shocked and horrified when I heard about the incident last Monday at Virginia Tech. Dr. Rev. Kathianne Lewis of the Seattle Centre for Spiritual Living, in an e-mail to her congregation, wrote how I was feeling so clearly:

I believe the anger and sadness I feel when confronted with human beings seeming inhumanity is my huge disappointment in us as a species. I grieve because I know we are capable of such love and greatness. If we are all on the same team, our team just fumbled the ball.

I felt my feelings until they turned into compassion. Then I started looking at it from another point of view. Remember last week I told you we are always receiving Instant Spiritual Messages? I believe this is true on the macrocosmic scale as well as the microcosmic. What came to me is that this experience happened on 4/16 = in numerology that is an 11. Eleven is the first of the Mastery numbers, and foretells a message, that there is an opening. Thirty-three people died. 33 is the greatest mastery number and is significant because of its nature to alter lives. It is indicative of Christ Consciousness – living in love.

For me then, once I allowed myself to open to it, I saw the Universe saying “Here’s the larger message of Virginia Tech: Here is an opening to live at a higher level. To be compassionate and forgiving. To live in Love.”

I am going to say the same thing I said after 9/11 – to retaliate with thoughts of the perpetrator being evil or to blame it on movies or other influences is not Soul Level thinking. This was an extreme cry for love – a cry that had been ignored until it erupted.

Dr. Kathianne goes on to write:

My wonderful Hindu friend, Bo Lozoff said, "Grief is only love with a bad

Here's where the turning point is for me - I have to realize the anger,
sadness, and grief are the shadow side of the great Love I have for all
human beings. As I acknowledge that I can embrace my feelings, I trust Love will soon evidence itself. My Prayer becomes, "God open my heart wide
open so the Power of Love can flow through me."

I share these thoughts with you because we aren't a church that tries to tell anyone what to think or how to act or who we can pin blame upon. (Ernest Holmes said, "We don't tell people what to think but how to think.") I hope by sharing my personal process that you may find a way and means to touch the deep reservoir of love and understanding within yourself and that you let love flow out from you to your family, friends and the people so tragically effected by this incident.

To have your heart broken open for love is a Glorious thing

Our job then is to KNOW THE TRUTH for all who have experienced something from this incident. And it wasn’t just those 33 people who died, or the ones that were injured, or their family and friends. It affected all of us.

The healing is our responsibility. There is a major outpouring of pain that wants to be transformed to the Christ Consciousness level. It is outpicturing everywhere. Where is our pain? Pain buried decomposes. Decomposition of garbage causes gases and fires, and as we’ve just seen, explosions. It’s Spring – It’s time to clean house!

Know there is That Within You that loves you so much It became your life. It is walking this Path as you. It is within the practitioners, ministers, counselors and friends that are here to walk with you into clarity. Let’s do it for all our sakes.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Infinite Intelligence is always working, everywhere present, and unconditionally loving. I know this is True regardless of appearances. I know It is within me and around me, moving me along my Path.

Today I choose to clean out my mental closets. I no longer have room for resentment or a sense of victimization. I choose to pay more attention to all that is going on around me. I choose to live in Love. I declare everything is in Divine Right Order, not only in my life, but in our world.

My mind is the Christ Mind. I am learning what this means moment by moment. I surrender my limited sense of Life to the Divine Realization of wholeness and unity. There is only The One and we are all That.

Gratefully I release my word, knowing it is already so. And so It is.