Saturday, December 18, 2010

Once upon a time ....

I got an opportunity to see how easily we, or rather, I, slip into stories we make up.
The lease on my apartment is up at the end of January. I didn't want to have to do all the work it usually takes to find a new one, so I prayed and declared I was in my new home, easily and effortlessly. A week later, while out with a girlfriend, we saw a 'for rent' sign and followed it. Within days I was inside a wonderful townhome and knew I was going to live there. As we walked out, the landlady said she wanted to rent to me. I arranged to mail the deposit check. It happened so easily, with all the details working out perfectly.

Last Monday, I went online to check my bank account and saw that my deposit check had not been cashed. It had been a few weeks since I had mailed it. I immediately began to panic. "What if it got lost in the mail? What if she rented the townhome to someone else because she never received my check!!" I immediately called and left a message -- and went further into panic. "OMG, I'm moving in 4 weeks and now I have to find a place to live. What if I can't find one?"

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about FEAR being Future Emergencies Appearing Real ?? Well, that's where I went -- for about an hour!!

I had to go to the store - and I swear, there is something about being outside in fresh air that clears the mind! I remembered how I'd felt about the place when I saw it. I remembered how easily it had come about. I remembered I had prayed for a new home and having it manifest with ease and grace. I gave my head a shake and reminded myself there was no need to worry.

When I got home, the phone rang, and it was the landlady telling me she hadn't deposited my check yet - and yes, the townhome was mine.

I breathed a sigh of grateful relief and thought about my hour long freakout. How easy it was to spiral down that rabbit hole! It was so intense! Not a place I like being at all.

It would take a different writing to tell why I went down that rabbit hole -- and of course, I had to look at that. I tell you this story because I know I'm not the only one who makes them up.
We are born story tellers. Unfortunately we've gotten used to telling stories of difficulties. The interesting thing about our stories is that they are really creative. Not only creative as in how they're told, but creative in how they manifest in our lives!

What stories are you telling about yourself and your life?

It's time to tell stories of delight and wonder. This holiday season is the perfect time to start!


Spirit as Absolute Cause is the Allness of everything. I have confidence in the All Good. My faith in the Law of Mind is complete. Spirit works through me with ease and grace.

Knowing this I declare that doubt and fear cannot hinder my Good. They have been washed away by my reliance on God.

I declare that as I speak my word for good in my life and in the lives of others, that calm confidence brought on by my consciousness of the Absolute, works wonders. It gives me a sense of Divine Authority. I am happy, whole and complete in my Divine Self.

How grateful I am to be able to move through things quickly and have a deeper understanding of Truth because of the experiences. How grateful I am to know that the Law always works.

I now release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are deeply embodied. And so it is.