Saturday, October 02, 2010

Game of Life

I saw a cartoon the other day -- two people were watching television, and from the TV came the announcers voice saying: "Next - on The Amazing Race to Enlightenment - can Jim & Suzy achieve Right Mindfulness? ...and will Barb and Candy be eliminated for relentless clinging to the self?"

I laughed, and then I thought OMG, we do this don't we? We're acting like we're living in a reality show! We're constantly comparing ourselves to others, hoping we'll make it, wondering if someone is going to mess up before they make it (and sometimes secretly hoping they will), doing everything we can to prove we're more conscious than the average soul.

There seems to be two parts to this show -- sometimes we're playing Spiritual One-up-man-ship, and sometimes we're playing "I'm Not Worthy."

The Truth is, we're all as enlightened as we could ever hope to be right now. We just don't believe it. We don't believe it about ourselves, nor do we believe it about others.

What would happen if we started acting as if? What if we started acting from a place of enlightenment instead of working towards it?

Good question. Another is "What does enlightenment look like?" I think it looks like life just as it is - only without fear.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is only one Life, that Life is God's Life, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now. This is the Truth. All there is is God, and that includes me.

How grateful I am to be reminded of this Truth. I now realize there is nothing to be healed, there is only Truth to be revealed - in myself, in other people and in my world.

I chose right now to be a conscious revealer of Truth. This means I now drop complaining, whining, self-pity and feelings of not being enough. I am more than enough - I am Spirit in form.

I am already a winner in the game of Life, and so is everyone else. We are here, alive, awake and aware. This is easy to declare as our Truth, because it is already so.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they have sunk deep into my subjective mind. I am proud to be alive. And so it is.