Monday, March 31, 2008

March 28, 2008

Blessings to you,

A few Wednesday nights ago, before the New Earth Study Group, we saw a Mother deer and two young ones in the meadow outside the Centre. Both Cheryl and I said that at first we felt a thrilling rush of excitement that settled into a feeling of awe as we watched them.

What is it about this type of experience in nature that excites us so? Perhaps it is because we rarely have the opportunity. Perhaps it is because all nature, except for us, lives in the Now. All of nature is just Being, and our soul recognizes this.

The deer were not concerned with bills, work, current affairs or the state of the world. They didn't care who was watching them or why. They were doing what they wanted in the moment, and at that moment it was to savor some of the succulent grasses in the meadow.

How often do we allow ourselves to be so present? This morning while I was making coffee, I wasn't really there. I was thinking about some things I want to do in the garden. All of us have had the experience of being in the car, and finding ourselves at our destination with no memory of how we got there. We were probably thinking of work or our families, but certainly not focused on driving. We spend very little time being present.

Let's practice Being this week. The late Rev. Helen Street said to be present all one had to do was be where their body was. My re-entry into my body is through the breath. When I realize I'm not in Present Time, I breathe deeply and re-connect. We might be doing a lot of breathing this week – yet I KNOW it is worth it!!


Divine Life is Sacred Energy. It is the Presence that permeates all things. It is the Presence that is the Source of all things. It is the Life Force that animates this Universe. It is my Life.

I choose to vibrate at the level of the Sacred. I do this by honouring Present Time. I allow myself to Be. I am conscious as I go about my daily affairs. I am where my body is. I am awake and aware of myself as an expression of Divine Life.

Gratefully I celebrate Life and all It contains. I celebrate walking on sacred ground, and knowing Who I Am. I release these words, knowing they are my Truth, And so It is.

March 21, 2008

Aloha …

This weekend as we move into the Easter Holy days, we are reminded of the ongoingness of Life. The story of Jesus' final days is one of death and rebirth, a process we are continually going through.

A friend sent me a link to a magnificent story … it's educational and inspirational – funny and sad - and well worth watching. It's a video of a brain scientist who had a stroke and studied it as she was having it … and had some major revelations about WHO WE ARE!

I KNOW for us this Easter that we release the little self we have accepted up until now, and allow ourselves to step into our authenticity. We are Spirit, having an experience that we've chosen to call being human. And how wonderful this experience can be!

Again our affirmation: I AM AWAKE!!


There is One Life – It is animating me, breathing me, living my life as me. It is Divine Love made manifest as me. It is Divine Law working through me.

Today I choose to let go of all I have created before this moment. I breathe deeply and step into the True Reality of my Self. I am Divine Energy. As I recognize this, I feel this energy moving through my body, healing and blessing it. As I contemplate this, I feel this energy expanding and moving into my world, nurturing and blessing it. As I experience this, it returns to me, pressed down and running over and my live is good.

This is Divine Life and I am so grateful to have chosen to live It fully. I am re-born each moment into my authenticity, and it is good. And so it is.

March 14

Infinite worlds appear and disappear in the vast expanse of my own consciousness, like motes of dust dancing in a beam of light."
– ancient Vedic saying, printed in the preface of Deepak Chopra's "Creating Affluence"

Years ago I met a friend's grandmother who lived to be over 100 years old. She fascinated me because during her lifetime she had seen people cross the continent in covered wagons and men walk on the moon. When we talked about her various experiences, I realized how many lifetimes she had lived in.

We have too. Each of us has lived many lifetimes in the time we've been here. We've been children, students, parents, sisters/brothers, employees, friends, lovers, etc.. When we look back, each of these lifetimes has been fleeting.

The universe is changing constantly. Joseph Campbell wrote "In the blink of Brahma's eye, worlds are born." Driving down the highway, we noticed stands of budding daffodils. There is so much beauty to experience, so much joy to feel in the glory of each flower, each tree, each rock, each person, each moment. Thank God we are learning how to live consciously!

Again our affirmation: I AM AWAKE!!


Today I affirm my conscious connection with the All That Is. I recognize Divine Life as It flows through me and through all of creation. Everywhere I am, I am standing on holy ground.

I choose to be consciously awake. I choose to experience a constantly deepening connection with Divine Self. I allow myself to feel the joy of this connection, the aliveness of being Real.

Everyone I meet today feels the aliveness of Spirit, whether they consciously recognize It as such or not. As I walk through my experiences I am a Lamp of Love and Light. I know who I AM. I AM Awake.

Gratefully I honour Life. I love who I am. I release my words to the Law of Mind knowing they are my Truth. I am so blessed. And so It is.