Friday, October 19, 2007

Tonight Celebration Centre is having our Family Masquerade Party at WindSong. (See details below) What fun! As I’ve observed various costumes being made, including my own, I’ve noticed how a costume gives us permission to play. We can be a swirly-skirted gypsy dancer, a masked mystery man, a spider-boy, a clown, or giant gnomes, and as we put on the costume a new persona comes out.

Or is it new?

I’m starting to think each of us (consciously or unconsciously) chooses the costume we wear because of some unexpressed creative yearning of our Spirit. Our costume disguises our conventional self, liberates our personality and opens us to receive pleasure in being recognized as that unexpressed part of us.

Halloween is the one day a year we adults give ourselves permission to go over the top and be free. It makes me ask “Who set the rules?” as to who we are supposed to be in everyday life. Who sets the rules as to who we cannot be? We do!

What would happen if we really allowed ourselves to play “let’s pretend” on a regular basis? Let’s pretend we are fabulous dancers, men of mystery, divine comedians, and people who live in magical forests. Let’s pretend we are Spiritual Beings having a delightful human experience. Want to play? Why not? It’s true! We can be anything we want to be and letting our Inner Child out means we’ll have a lot more joy in our lives.


Blessings, Rev. Angelica


I know there is only One. One unified consciousness filled with infinite divine expression. This One manifests Itself as me, acting through my thoughts and feelings.

As Spirit expressing in this world, I declare I am safe to express my childlike nature with ease and grace. I am untouched by anything that is unlike Love, and nothing outside of me can have an effect on me. I choose my Path with joy. I am in perfect harmony. I play well. I am the manifested One Life, experiencing love for myself and all others.

With a joyful heart I release these words, grateful for my conscious recognition and acknowledgment of my Divine Child within. And so it is.