Friday, March 16, 2007

A question usually asked during courses on Spiritual Mind Treatment (Religious Science’s form of affirmative prayer) is “How many times does one have to do a Treatment?”

“Until you see a demonstration” is my usual answer – however, I want to remind us that in Truth we are “praying without ceasing.” Whatever we are focusing our attention on is what will manifest, regardless of what our intentions are. If our dominant thinking is about our problems, we are telling the Law we want more of those. And the Universe says “Yes, my Beloved.”

We all know how hard it is to stay focused on what we want when what we’re experiencing is right in our face, especially with physical challenges. How does one, while in the midst of any kind of pain, declare they are healthy? I like using this phrase: “Regardless of appearances, my Truth is” … ie: Regardless of appearances, my Truth is my body is a reflection of Divine Health. Regardless of appearances, my Truth is I am living a prosperous life. Regardless of appearances, my Truth is I have a soul-satisfying, well-paying position. Regardless of appearances, my Truth is I have loving relationships.

Dr. Holmes writes “Daily we must consciously choose our position in the Law.”
Yet, we don’t have to do this by ourselves. We have an Inner Presence that is serving us at every moment. All we have to do is ask. The Master Jesus taught us to “pray believing it is so, and it shall be.“ This means to declare “I am _________” and to embody that declaration. However, if you’re having a hard time with an “I am” statement, here’s another idea:

My teacher, Rev. Helen Street developed an affirmation – she wanted to stop smoking. She kept reminding herself that Divine Mind was assisting her in attaining the consciousness of a non-smoker. One morning she called me all excited because she didn’t have any cigarettes in her freezer. My not being a smoker, she had to explain that her affirmation was working because a smoker always had another carton of cigarettes in the house. Unfortunately she later bought another carton … and I decided I would add something to that affirmation … so I say
“Divine Mind now assists me in attaining and maintaining the consciousness of _________.”

Let’s say I put health and wholeness in that space. As I make the declaration, the Power of Universal Law is behind it, and I know I am attracting whatever I need to make this declaration my Truth - the right thoughts, the right people, the right methodology – RIGHT NOW!

Absolutely everything begins and ends in consciousness … Thank God we’re in a teaching that states “Change your thinking, and change your life!”

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Divine Mind is now assisting me in attaining and maintaining the consciousness of my authentic Self. I am Spirit in form, having a human experience. Everywhere I look, and everything I experience is The Divine. There is nothing else.

I celebrate this Truth. Knowing this, I do great things for myself and my world. I consciously choose to co-create health, wealth, love and creativity for all. I let my life be a shining example of living Truth. I let my thoughts of living Divine Life radiate through the collective consciousness, blessing all they come in contact with. God in me, as me, is doing magnificent work.

Gratefully aware of the power of my thinking, I release these words, knowing they have made a difference. I claim Good and share it joyously. And so It is.