Saturday, November 30, 2013

Always Better than I Imagined

Last weekend, a group of us went to our fairgrounds to decorate a Christmas tree for the Kennedy Kreiger Tree Festival. The building was big and cold. There were boxes everywhere and lots of undecorated trees.  The tree we got was much smaller than we thought it would be.  Our ornaments were caterpillars and butterflies that we’d made from recycled plastic bottles and other things.   As we decorated, we started with an idea of what it would look like and discovered ways we could add and subtract things to make it even better.   When we left, it was a sweet little tree we named “The Transformation Tree,” in a big room, surrounded by other trees in the process of being decorated.

The Festival opened Friday morning, and when I walked through the doors, I was surrounded by the lushness of Christmas. Everything, in every direction, was beautiful, even magical, including our little tree.    

This is the way the Universe works in my life.  I get an idea, do the work I know how to do, and when the manifestation comes, it’s always better than I could have imagined.   How grateful I am to remember this!


At the core of all things is the One Source – the Heart of the Universe.  Divine Love flows into my heart and out into my world.

I let the beauty and joy of this holiday season fill me up.  I choose to experience it mindfully. I honor the Divine Gifts that are always being given.  I place my ideas in Mind, knowing It is infinitely intelligent, and do my part, and the results are amazing.  I acknowledge these results with a conscious recognition of the Presence of The Divine.

Gratefully I celebrate how Spirit works today. God is good and all is well in my world.  And so it is.