Friday, January 25, 2013

Desire Hasn’t Manifested Yet?

Next month I’m going to Vancouver BC to attend a conference.  I’m excited because not only do I get to see a lot of my peers, I get to see quite a few of the friends I made when I was living there.

I also get to visit my stuff.  I’m almost embarrassed to say I still have a storage locker there with about 21 boxes of books and artwork even though I’ve lived in Baltimore for 3 years this month.

Why is it still there you might ask?  Well … Even though I have prayed to know I have all my things with me, I have a story going on about how much it costs to get it here.  I used to have a lot more in that locker. The last time I visited I went through everything ruthlessly, keeping only those things I felt I couldn’t live without, so it wouldn’t cost so much to ship it. 

The funny thing is, I’ve had the money – just not all at one time.  Indeed the money I’ve paid in storage, would have covered the shipping already!  Instead, I chose to go on a Mediterranean cruise, and then there were necessary things, like a $1000 car repair bill and getting a crown (dental not tiara).
When I decided to go to the conference, I declared “I now have the money to ship my things home.”  I did the research and discovered all the costs had gone up – and it was now going to cost me the same amount that it would have cost to ship originally – before I purged!  Yesterday I found myself slipping into thinking “Well, if I don’t manifest the money, I will re-purge the locker, and perhaps I can find someone to mail me a box at a time or something.”  When I heard my self-talk I realized that some part of me doesn’t believe I can manifest $3000 all at one time. OMG - I am limiting an unlimited Universe!

Ernest Holmes writes in the Science of Mind “One of the most important things for us to remember is that we are always causing something to be created for us.”  Ah yes, we are working with a Law that is mechanical, precisely responding to what we believe and feel.  So – I’m letting go of that story I’ve been telling myself, and I now declare all of my things are where I live.  I know the Universe knows how to do this way better than I do. 

What desire are you working on that hasn’t manifested yet?  What stories have you been telling yourself about that?  Let go of those stories, and join me in trusting the Law, knowing It is infinitely intelligent and can do the work easily and effortlessly!


We are immersed in and surrounded by an infinitely creative field of potentiality.  In this Field is all we can possibly imagine and more.  This Field is Spirit Energy, intelligent, powerful and everywhere present.  It is at the very core of our being and in all the spaces around us.  It is, and It is all there is.
I recognize this Core as both Love and Law.  With Love I declare into the Law that we are now ready to let go of all that no longer serves us, and embody the Truth of our Being.  Our whole purpose is to make our intellect a vehicle for Spirit.  Spirit in me now reflects my belief and trust.

I believe in the highest good for all, and I trust that it is so.  Because of this, my good is here now.

With a grateful heart I release these words into spiritual law, knowing they are done.  And so it is.