Friday, November 25, 2011

Leaving the "stuff" behind

Ernest Holmes writes: "The subjective mind is the seat of memory and contains a remembrance of everything that has ever happened to the outer person. It also contains the family and race characteristics. It retains these memories, in a certain sense, as mental pictures. The subjective mind might be compared to a picture gallery, upon whose walls are hung the pictures of all the people whom the individual has ever known, and all the incidents which he has ever experienced. (SOM p. 347.4)"

I've had the pleasure of visiting family this month -- two sisters in Florida where I officiated at a niece's wedding, and my sister in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for these experiences. I didn't experience a 'family' feeling as a child, and for much of my life I didn't know how to deal with 'family' since I didn't have a good model. I took those mental pictures I had as a child and compared everything to them. There were pictures of what I'd experienced, and pictures of what I thought it should be like. I tried to analyze myself into what I thought a 'family' feeling would feel like.

I was not raised with any of my sisters. In the past, I have analyzed how I might have turned out if I was. I compared our lives and wondered if I would know how to love better. I realized that in my 'picture gallery' that Holmes refers to were not only portraits of the people I've known, but those portraits were colored by either my past knowledge or my imagination of who I thought they are. My knowledge really had nothing to do with them -- it was all something I made up.

During these recent visits, I decided to just appreciate my family, who they are, and who I am with them and I've had a great time!!

Today I got an e-mail from Alan Cohen with this quote -

"Love does not require analysis, just appreciation."

I've decided to close my photo gallery while new, current photos are being created.

As you have your family experiences this holiday season, let yourself leave the past behind, and appreciate each person in the present moment. This is truly a freeing experience!


God is Love -- the greatest healing agent in the Universe. God being Love - It is everywhere, including within us and all life.

Knowing this, I let go of past perceptions and approach all things as new. I let go of analyzing events according to my past. I am willing to experience each person and each experience as if it was the first time.

I choose this day to appreciate everyone and everything in my life. I know all are God!

With a grateful heart, I step into my Now with a sense of freedom. It is good, very good. And so it is.