Friday, October 22, 2010

I was cleaning up some papers this past week and found an old fortune cookie slip. It read:

"God can heal a broken heart, but you have to give him all the pieces."

I don't know when I got this fortune or why I saved it at the time, but it showed up again at the perfect time. With the inner work I've been doing with my "What am I Really Hungry For" group (using the book Women, Food and God), this fortune really hit home.

Last week I gave an assignment of going into the silence with the intention of healing, and then writing down 11 things we forgive ourselves for 7 days. As I have been doing the process, I've found emotional ties to things I thought I had already released. What I really did was think I had released them, but the feelings were still there.

For instance, I was abused as a child - the woman who adopted me at 2 1/2 was the abuser. She died years ago, and I have done many forgiveness processes, yet sometimes I find myself angry or hurt because I didn't experience love as a child - or even have a childhood. When it comes up, I think "Darn, I've done the forgiveness work on this, why is it back?" -- and now I know -- I've never given up all the pieces.

Ernest Holmes tells us it takes thoughts and feelings to create the consciousness of a demonstration. It makes sense then, that one has to release both thoughts and feelings with unwanted demonstrations as well.

How about you? If you're working on revealing the Truth about a situation, ask yourself if there are pieces you haven't given up - and then take a deep breath and let go. The infinitely intelligent, unconditionally loving Presence knows exactly what to do with all the pieces!


God is Love and Love is the greatest healing/revealing agent in the universe. I celebrate my awareness of unconditional Love and the power It has as I acknowledge It and let It flow through me.

I choose to let this Love fill me up and wash away all vestiges of pain in my emotional body and all thoughts of bondage or limitation from my mental body. As I do this I feel a sense of release in my physical body. I feel a lightness of Being. I have given all the pieces to God and my heart is healed.

Gratefully I embody these words as my Truth, surrendering them to the Law of Mind. The Law works, and works very well. I let go and let God do Its perfect work, in, through and as me, now and forevermore. And so it is.