Friday, June 08, 2007

I love art – all types of art. I love the creative process and am always dabbling in some medium or another. I receive an e-mail letter from B. C. artist Robert Genn twice weekly. This morning’s message spoke to me so vividly. He had included his “checklist for things an artist needs to do and think about while they are painting.” As I read the list, I thought “What a delightful way to acknowledge our creativity! In Truth, we are all Universal Artists!” Here is Genn’s list with my comments in parenthesis:

Paint with your eyes (See your personal vision as a Reality)
Think what things might become (let your imagination build on the vision)
Let the brush talk (I might capitalize Brush J or even replace brush with Vision)
Be in love with change (oh yes, any new “work of art” is going to change everything!)
Find the elegance (I love this one – the idea of simple elegance is delicious)
See the big picture (Imagine how your vision will affect others as well as yourself)
Make it a pattern (hmmm … macrocosm/microcosm J )
Identify the extraordinary (How about your willingness to be a conscious co-creator?)
Don't get gauche (Keep grace alive)
Keep it fresh at all costs (Our world is always shifting – is your dream still fresh?)
Take your time (as my Mother used to say (probably yours as well) “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Excellence takes time – be patient.)

Genn also writes: “This stuff is all about a personal search for truth within one's own vision. Getting there is half the fun. If it were a recipe, everyone's truth might be the same. Only you can make your checklist and join the search for your own truth. Start your checklist now.”

And Artists – grab your brushes!!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica

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There is That Within Us that is the Master Artist. It is infinitely intelligent and unconditional Loving. Through It flows our ideas, dreams and visions. We are using this Mind, living in this Heart, in a great field of creative potentiality, and knowing we are consciously co-creating our world.

Today I choose to colour my world with feelings of Love, Joy, Harmony and Grace. I declare I live in simple elegance, and Divine Energy flows through me with ease. I am a Universal Artist with all my tools for creativity within me. I allow my imagination to fill in the details pertaining to my life. I see the bigger picture, and recognize that this is Divine Life, and everything in it fulfills our desires for living authentically, abundantly and happily. I am co-creating a peaceful, loving world.

And this is good, very good.

Gratefully I respect my position as Artist. Gratefully I honour Spiritual Law, knowing as I have spoken & read these words, they are already done. Life is Good! And so It is.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007