Friday, December 10, 2010

Wishing and hoping or ....

Sitting in the vet's office today, I found myself once again lusting after someone's iPad. We spoke for a moment about what she used hers for, and I heard myself saying "Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas." We both laughed .. and then they called her name, she and her doggie went in to see the vet, and I wondered about that comment I'd made. Was that my inner child popping out for a visit? Or do I really wish there is a Santa Claus? A magical being that will pop into my life with all sorts of delightful goodies? Or perhaps a fairy godmother who will wave her wand and I will be slim and trim and beautiful. Or a mighty Guru who will touch me on the forehead and all my negative thinking will be evaporated and I will be enlightened.

Many people treat God as if It were Santa or one of the above beings ... asking for this and that .. but not doing what's necessary to get those things. Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind that we can manifest anything our heart desires, and the only thing we have to pay is spiritual coin. How many of us are really willing to do the spiritual work necessary to have the consciousness of those desires?

Dr. Holmes also wrote, "But even God cannot give us anything unless we are in a mental condition to receive the gift.  The Law cannot do anything for us unless It can do it through us.  We live in the midst of eternal good, but it can only be to us what we believe it to be.  We stand at the mouth of the river, but we must let down our own bucket if we wish it filled with the pure waters of Reality."

In other words, I gotta let go of wishing and hoping, and know that when I have the consciousness of an iPad, I'll have one. When I have the consciousness of being slim and trim, I will be. When I have the consciousness of being enlightened, I will be.

Let's see, where did I put my coin purse?


I recognize the Spirit of Creative Intelligence everywhere in this Universe. This Spirit is constantly giving of Itself to Its myriad of expressions. It gives to me as I allow It to.

I choose now to consistently do my spiritual practices, keeping myself in the consciousness of recognition. Everything is God. Everything is tailor made for me by right of my consciousness. I now declare that my days of wishing and hoping are over. I do my spiritual work, and declare a thing to be so and it is. I trust the Law to work, and It works well.

How grateful I am to know these Principles and how to use them. How grateful I am to be able to use them for the highest good for all. I release these words, knowing they are already so, and so it is.