Friday, April 30, 2010


"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it."
~ Ernest Holmes

At the beginning of this month, a family moved in upstairs. Up until then, the unit had been empty. The building I live in is an old building, and the units have been renovated quite nicely. One thing that wasn't renovated were the ceilings. Suddenly the quiet I had been enjoying disappeared. With every step the family takes, (and with 3 children there are a lot), my ceiling creaks. At first I thought that after they got all their things moved in and their unit fixed up, the noise would die down, but it hasn't.

I've allowed it to bother me. I've told people about the noise. I expect it every night. I even have it timed. I know what time the parents get home, and what time the family goes to bed. I've had headaches and frustration.

Then last Sunday I met a young woman in the parking lot with a darling doggie, who immediately began to tell me how horrible the ceiling noise was in her unit. She was really angry! At first I was glad I wasn't the only one with the problem and commiserated with her - then I realized she was my mirror! The Universe was reflecting to me what I was feeling - with a little more drama. I realized I had been choosing to be a victim, and this was not where I wanted to be.

In speaking to my prayer partner about this realization, she shared a powerful quote with me: "I cannot prevent the wind from blowing ... but I can adjust my sails to make it work for me."

I don't know if there's a solution to the ceiling noise, but I do know I can choose to be ok with it. I thought about how people who live near trains or freeways say that after awhile they don't even notice the noise. I had been focusing on it, allowing it to bother me -- and now I choose to remove my focus. Nothing outside of me can move me off Center. I choose Peace.

Where do you need to adjust your sails?


All creation is One. All creation is the wholeness of the Universe expressing uniquely. Just as this is true for all life, I know it is true for me.

I now declare I live in the peace of Spirit Within. Nothing outside of me can affect my peace. My mind, heart and body are in perfect harmony with Divine Peace. This is my birthright.

When ever I start to feel oppressed or distressed by something outside me, I now declare I am easily and gently reminded of my Truth. I see Life's reflections around me, and realize they are there to remind me of who I am. I am grateful for the insights and inspirations revealing my True Self at every moment.

I now see and experience only Good around me and am grateful to be a part of the creation of that Good. My life is unfolding in harmony, peace and joy.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, seeing the perfection of their manifestation in my world. This is good, very good. This is God.
And so it is.