Friday, February 01, 2008

I got an IPOD last week and a docking station with great speakers. Whoo Hoo! It is a whole new learning curve for me. When I can't figure something out, I've discovered the children at the Breakfast Club that our Centre sponsors on Mondays, are really good teachers!

I, who what seems like not-so-many-years-ago, was so excited about owning a transistor radio, can hardly believe the capabilities of this tiny machine. I did notice that there are two functions that made me start thinking. One is for "shuffle" and one is for "repeat." If I set the IPOD to "Shuffle" it will search my all my music and play things randomly - no particular order. One moment I'm listening to Beethoven, the next to Ricky Byers- Beckwith. If I set it to "Repeat" the IPOD will play the same song over an over again.

I think we have those functions in our minds. If we're not focused the Universe shuffles though the collective consciousness and helps us attract whatever "fad" thought is closest to our dominant thoughts. Or if we're stuck in some old experience and keep replaying it in our minds and conversations, the Universe helps us attract more of the same.

In my new toy, when I want to hear a particular song - I have to choose the playlist and then the song. In our consciousness, our playlists could be prosperity, health, relationships, work, spirituality, etc.. It's our job as Religious Scientists to pay attention to the music we are choosing!

And isn't that really "the Secret" -- to PAY ATTENTION!


I honour the powerful Presence of Divine Mind. I know It is everywhere present, infinitely intelligent and It is within me.

As I open myself more fully to Its Presence, It guides me in the choices I make according to my level of receptivity. Therefore I now declare I choose to make only powerful, positive choices for my life! Choices that will benefit not only myself, but all who are in my circle of influence. I declare Divine Right Action is always taking place, and it is Good, because It is God.

I step into greater expectancy of this Good. I trust the Law and welcome Its results. I am intelligent, loving, active, strong, healthy, wealthy, wise and totally fulfilled. I love my life, because I know there is only One Life, and that is God's Life, and this is the Life I am living.

Gratefully I release these words to the Law, knowing they are already done. And so It is!