Friday, January 30, 2009

Stand in the Light

This morning while walking the dog, I stopped to talk to a woman sitting on a bench. She kept saying how cold she was. As I walked away I noticed another bench close by which was directly in the sun, and turned back to her. “Hey,” I said, “it’s warmer over here.” She nodded, and replied “Thanks, but I’m already settled here.”

Not long after I had a phone call from a client during which I heard myself saying “You’re really arguing for your limitations!”

I then picked up the Science of Mind and opened it randomly for an “Ernest Fix” … and what did I see, but on page 411 ..”We can sit in the shade or move into the sunshine.”

Ok, Universe, I got the message! I asked myself “Where am I so settled in my stuff that I won’t move into the Light!?! And how much do I argue for my limitations?!?

These are the times for all of us to ask ourselves these questions. Regardless of what’s happening we have a choice. The awareness of these Principles gives us the tools to move beyond the chaos. Everywhere we are – God is – God in us, knows what It wants as us, and I now choose to let go of my arguments, stand in the Light and know – I absolutely know - God can be trusted!

It’s my pleasure to serve you today.
Blessings, Angelica


There is one Mind, One Intelligence that effortlessly creates all there is out of Itself. It is the Source and Substance of all things, seen and unseen. As a unique aspect of this One Mind, I am all that It is.

I am ready and willing to step into the Light and stay there. I remain on purpose with the Intelligence of the Universe. I no longer settle for what does not make me happy. I accept my responsibility in creating a world that works for everyone by using the Principles I have learned. As I choose to express more Good in my life I am blessed and bless everyone in my presence.

I rejoice in being able to see Wholeness – Holiness – everywhere I am. I am so grateful to be living in the Light. I am grateful to have the courage to move into the Light whenever I find myself in the shadows. I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are done, and so it is.