Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning House

Have you seen the commercial on TV for a paint that masks household odors?
If not, you can see it here:

When I first saw it, I shook my head and said "What??? How about cleaning the house!"

Then I suddenly realized, this is an outward manifestation of something much bigger. Just think about the work of Debbie Ford, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, and many other spiritual teachers today. They are talking about Shadow Work. The work many of us would rather cover up than tackle!!

I've done it - haven't you? In fact, we as a race have swept so much under the collective carpet, it's exploding around us!

The whole universe is trying to get our attention -- it's time to clean up our act! In fact, it's time to stop acting, and become Real. It's time to communicate those things we're holding back on. It's time to let go of the feelings of resentment, shame, and blame. It's time to stop denying our problems, trying to run away from them or lying about them.

It's time to become transparent and loving and honest.

In the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, we are told to turn away from the condition and pray for what we want as if we already have it. However he did not say to deny what is. He said to stop feeding the condition with the attention we give it. In order to turn away from a condition we have to accept what is, and move to what we want. For instance, if I have a broken arm, I accept I have it, and turn my attention away from the story around the break, towards knowing I am healed.

In this very moment, each of us has the potential to be more than we've been up until now. Are you willing to do the work? Let's do it and call it Sacred Work! What we do for ourselves is helping the whole of humanity and the planet herself. One thing I know for sure -- we are not alone in this Work. God's got our back!


There is One Life, that Life is God's Life, and that Life is my life now. I let myself embody this sacred Truth as I move into the center of my being, breathing in the Love that is everywhere.
I am one with my brothers and sisters, and the animals, plants, minerals, water, air, fire and earth. I do not refuse to see what is happening around me, but I do choose to take my energy off it. I step forward as One who will make a difference in this world by dreaming a bigger dream, knowing a greater Truth.

Divine Love moves me to be actively conscious and mindful. I am honored to aware that I am able to participate in Life. I celebrate my willingness to be an empty vessel - allowing myself to be filled with all that is good.

Gratefully I release all sense of separateness, and know the Truth is always revealed. I am lovingly honest and transparent as I let God be magnified though me. And so it is.