Saturday, March 05, 2005

This morning for inspiration in writing this message, I pulled a Daily SOM Card and read: “Every person may talk to God, but the answer only comes back according to our concept of God.”

I laughed - first, because yesterday I was mentally reviewing some of the Spiritual Mind Treatments (affirmative prayers) I have done for myself, and considering why they haven’t yet come into manifestation, and second, because Spirit is so clear!!

Everything comes back to our concept of God! Yes!! I say I believe in a Principle that is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. I say I believe It is all knowing, everywhere present, and all-powerful … but around these unmanifested Treatments, it seems my god is a wimp!!

Have I been falling back into the concept of Something outside of me, that judges my deservability? Have I been thinking that some things are too hard for God? Once again, I find I have to re-evaluate my concepts - go back to basics.

Dr. Holmes, founder of Religious Science, defines “God” in the glossary of the Science of Mind:
“The First Cause, the Great I Am, the Unborn One, the Uncreated, the Absolute or Unconditioned, the One and Only. Spirit, or the Creative Energy which is the cause of all visible things. Love, Wisdom, Intelligence, Power, Substance, Mind. The Truth which is real, the Principle which is dependable.”

The Principle which is dependable … This is the Powerful Presence within me that can and will become what I want It to become. I choose now to let go of Wimpy, and re-introduce myself to All Mighty GOD! That Principle that nothing is too hard for, or too big, or too scary. This is my True Self --- AND YOURS TOO!!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


God is, and that is all there is. God is The Divine Energy that is the source of all creation. It fills every atom of the universe, because It is the Universe. God constantly recreates Itself according to my dominant thoughts and beliefs. It tailor makes Itself to become what I want It to be. It is my True Self.

Therefore today I declare I have renewed my concept of God/Divine Principle. I know I live, move and have my being in The Divine. It lives and moves through and as me. I declare that whatever I might have believed in my subjective mind that limited Divine Energy in any way is now transformed. God is my good, and I no longer block my good in any way. I am open and ready to experience my spiritual magnificence.

With a grateful heart, I release these words, knowing they are my Truth and the Truth sets me free.
And so it is.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Aloha Posted by Hello
Three times this week I have experienced the word “intimate” in relationship to an experience of God. The first time, I was driving in the car, listening to an Ernest Holmes tape; the second was listening to an essay by a SOM 300 student, and yesterday I saw it in the daily reading in the Science of Mind magazine. When this happens, I KNOW the Universe is trying to get my attention!

I’ve never really associated that word with my spiritual practice. Perhaps I should see what it actually means:
1. Closely connected (intimate relationship) 2. cozy (quiet, private, relaxed with each other) 3. private and personal (confidential) 4. thorough (very great and detailed as a result of extensive study or close experience = intimate knowledge) 5. Adhering closely (intimate union) 6. innermost (proceeding from within the innermost nature of something) or as a noun: a close personal friend.

Yes! All these definitions fit my ideal relationship to The Divine exactly. Yet, some might ask - how does one become intimate with an abstract principle?

Dr. Holmes writes on page 141 of the Science of Mind”
PERSONALITY CANNOT EMERGE FROM A PRINCIPLE WHICH DOES NOT CONTAIN THE INHERENT POSSIBILITY OF PERSONALITY. In each one of us, to each one of us, through each one of us, something is personalized, and that which is personalized is personal to its own personification! Spiritual evolution should make the Infinite not more distant; but more intimate.”

In other words, we are meant to know God not just through our minds, but through our hearts as well. Some of us are so busy using Principle as a quick fix or to manifest desires, that we’ve ignored the greatest Love relationship we could ever have! Let’s get intimate – and be the Beloved!!

(An affirmative prayer - written in the first person to help you make it your own)

I live in a Divine atmosphere of Love. God is Love, everywhere present, infinitely intelligent and absolutely unconditional. Love fills up every cell and atom of my being. It surrounds me and supports me. It is my life.

Today I declare I am experiencing the greatest intimate relationship possible. I have let go of my doubts and fears. I have released my judgments. I have opened my mind and heart to the Love within me, letting It in with grace. God loves by means of me and It moves through me, as me, into the world. I live in and act from my firm foundation of Love. I am the Beloved in whom God is well pleased.

How grateful I am, to willingly experience an intimate experience of Divine Love. And so it is.