Friday, April 21, 2006

The other day someone sent me an e-mail about the latest spiritual movie to come out… check this link:

I remember director Stephen Simon standing in our Centre one Sunday morning when we were meeting on the boat at Granville Island, stating his intention clearly and passionately to change the caliber of movies coming from Hollywood.

I am so delighted to see the fruits of his intention made manifest and I know this is just the beginning! On his website, Simon states: Spiritual Cinema examines who we are and why we are here and illuminates the human condition through stories and images that inspire us to explore what we can be as humanity when we operate at our very best. Spiritual Cinema reflects our beliefs and values and illustrates their impact upon our lives and our society.”

This is BIG! Most of the world is bemoaning the state of the world as they watch the news and read the papers. They are seeing the glass half empty (or worse). Yet, if we turn away from that, we will notice the proliferation of positive books, TV shows, movies, songs, etc., and we will realize we are really a lot further along in consciousness than we might have thought!!

The message of these new movies, etc., is just that – WE CAN CHOOSE!

Religious Science tells us that if we wish to live a better life and leave a better world for our children, we MUST choose! In Truth we cannot help but choose – all life is a series of choices, so what we really teach is to pay attention to what we are choosing. Indeed, to choose to live consciously!

We are living in exciting times – in the throes of a huge paradigm shift – and I, for one, am glad to be doing my part in the shifting! How about you?

Blessings, Rev. Angelica

PS – Did you know our Centre was the first Religious Science church Mr. Simon spoke in? I’m proud to have been a part of his Intention!!


We live in an infinite field of creative potentiality. This field is Divine Energy – It is the Source and the home and the substance of all things, including us. It moves in, through and as us. It is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It IS, and that is all there is.

Knowing this, I am grateful to be consciously aware of my part of the creation process. I choose now to focus on the good, the True and the beautiful things of this world. I choose to focus on Life made manifest as each of us, in grace and joy.

I declare that each of us begins to see how we make a difference in our world. I know we now live with eyes open, hearts open, minds clear and hands willing to do the work. We are the creators of our future and I know we are making it a good one!

With a grateful heart, I release these words, celebrating their Truth. And so it is.