Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Friday the 13th -- it’s amazing how a day and a date can have such a strange connotation! You know what I mean – it’s supposed to be unlucky!!

I was channel surfing the other night and saw a bit of a show called “Becker” – apparently something had happened in the morning that made his breakfast friends say it was his lucky day. He didn’t believe it, yet all day wonderful things happened. He kept looking for trouble. At one point he explained what he called his “rubber band theory.” That as these good things kept happening, his rubber band kept stretching and stretching, and he knew any moment it was going to snap back with a vengeance – and of course, at the end of the show it did, and he lost everything he had gained during the day.

I wonder how many people got up on Friday the 13th waiting for the rubber band to snap back or the other shoe to drop?

We in Religious Science are “lucky” to know this Truth: It is done unto us as we believe. If we believe something nasty will happen because of a certain date, it will. If we believe we have to pay for the good we attract with something negative, we will. Conversely, if you believe that Friday the 13th is a lucky day, it will be. If you believe that the Universe always showers you with blessings, you will be.

It is done unto us as we believe. This is an immutable Principle. We can not get around it. How I love this teaching! Because of this awareness, we no longer have to be at the effect of the collective consciousness!! We can become aware of our beliefs, change the ones that no longer serve us, and embody new ones that will.

Happy creating, Rev. Angelica


I recognize Spirit as the powerfully creative energy of Life within me and around me. I honour It by acknowledging Its Presence in my life. It honours me by serving me through my use of spiritual law.

Therefore I now declare I am no longer bound by the collective consciousness of superstition. Common sense tells me that if God is all there is, then I am a part of that, and there is nothing that can be against my highest good.

The Law is: “It is done unto me as I believe.” I now examine my life to see the beliefs I am manifesting. Anything that no longer serves me, I release. Everything that serves me well, I bless with my gratitude. All that I want, I see in my mind’s eye as already being part of my reality. I embody the vision deep within my subjective mind and let the Universal Subjective do Its perfect work.

I relax and let go. I believe in my Self and the givingness of the Universe. I am blessed beyond measure. I am so grateful to be able to accept all that is good, here and now. And so it is.