Friday, January 18, 2008

The other day at coffee, Rev. Liz Luamo shared one of the late Rev. Helen Street’s sayings. For those of you who don’t know, Rev. Helen was my teacher. I was so happy to be reminded of this one – and know that you will be too.

“I live with the assumption that the Universe is absolutely crazy about me!!”

How would your life be if you KNEW you were absolutely loved? That someone was crazy about you? Remember your first love? It seemed like nothing could go wrong. We felt more beautiful or more handsome because of this person. With my first love, I knew he would do anything for me, just as I would for him. Life was good and we knew it was only going to get better.

We’ve all had that first love – and many spend the rest of their lives looking for that special feeling. Think of The Universe as your “First Love” with all its positive, fun qualities. Know that unlike human first love, the Love that is Universal Love never ends. What would it take for us to believe this? How would our behaviour be different?

This is a Truth we cannot get away from - we are loved by Love – an unconditional, all encompassing Love. It is here for us, surrounds us, supports us, lives through us. It will do anything for us. It reflects our true beauty.

YES, The Universe is crazy about us! This is truly something awesome to contemplate this week.


I live in the One Heart. I am open to the wonders of One Love. This Inner Presence loves me so much It became me, to live my life as me.

I now accept that the Universe is crazy about me. I live as a being totally immersed in Love. I am loved, loving and loveable. My life reflects this Truth as I walk my daily Path. My relationships, health, work and finances all reflect how much the Universe is in love with me. Life is good, very good.

I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are my Truth. Gratefully I embodied being Love. And So It Is.