Friday, September 06, 2013

How Wonderful It Is To Be Open

I attended an art show called “Magnitude” and a lecture by Jennet Inglis yesterday.  She said quite a few things in her lecture on “Art, Science and Spirit in the 21st Century: Curiosity, Collaboration, and Compass” that touched me in ways I can’t quite articulate.  It made me think, got me excited, and I feel more opened up.

I got a glimpse into a world of light and color and sound and the mathematics of it all.  How everything fits together so harmoniously even where or when it seems like it shouldn’t.

At one point Jennet said something about our heartbeat being our first clock … establishing us in time.  I remembered a Sunday in Vancouver, BC, where a drummer had joined us and brought lots of drums.  During my talk I asked him to play the first drum ever heard by all of us –  our heartbeat. As I remembered I realized it does establish us in time – we come from the timeless into this dimension when we’re born, and go into the timeless when we die.

A moment later Jennet asked “Is there a holographic heart of humanity?  Where is it?”   My mind jumped into thinking about living in a holographic universe.  That everything is projected from our minds outward as if on a giant blue screen and becomes the reality we live in. We believe in what we’ve projected, therefore we experience it as solid and real.  Jennet’s question made me ask myself “Is this why we’re collectively experiencing so much chaos?  The beliefs we’ve held on to for so long are crashing down and the Global Heart is shining through.  Where is it? It’s inside us – we’re being broken open to let out the Light!

During the Q & A after the lecture someone asked her about color, and she pointed to the back of the theater and told us the colors she saw.  I looked and saw the walls and the rows of seats, but as I listened to her description, suddenly I saw the blocks of color and shading she was describing, and the picture became so much more alive!

That reminded me of taking an art class in Hawai’i and learning about different brushes and the techniques used with them … and then for weeks I’d be driving along looking at things thinking “Oh, I could use a fan brush there!”

Jennet’s PowerPoint presentation ended with a quote by Democritus of Abdera – 430 BC:  “Nothing exists except atoms and space, everything else is opinion.”   I laughed, yet how true this is.  My world is a projection of my opinions and how wonderful it was to be open anothers opinion of art, science and Spirit. What if we were to approach all of life this way .. listening, learning, no preconceived opinions?   How rich, alive and peaceful our world would be.


We live in an infinite field of creative potentiality.  We live and move and have our being in this Field, and It lives and moves and has Its being in us.   It is absolutely all there is.

I recognize that the mechanics of this Field are Love and Law.  Love points the way and Law makes the way possible.  Knowing this I now declare I am more open to the possibilities than I have ever been before.  I am judgment free.  My opinions are those of a much higher, more involved mind, the One Mind, the Mind of God.  My life is so much more vibrant, so much more alive that it was just a few minutes ago.  I live with full abandonment of my old, limiting beliefs, and this is good, very good. 

 Gratefully I celebrate knowing there is so much more to learn, more to live.  I am excited about the adventure.  I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so, and so it is.