Friday, January 08, 2010


A few weeks ago I wrote about a wonderful mantra that dear Nithya Shanti gave me (and thousands of others) … “Every cell in my body is happy.” A few days later, after some interesting financial experiences, I decided to add “and I am always provided for.”
Wow! That has been so powerful!!

Here’s the most recent instance: Yesterday a friend & his lady drove me and my cats to the airport in Seattle – a wonderful thing since it was almost 3 hours each way for them! As I was hugging him goodbye, he slipped me some U.S. money. I glanced at it, saw it was $100, slipped it in my pocket and gave him another hug to thank him.

I took my place in line and finally got to the right window for taking cats as luggage. I presented their papers and they were good to go. After getting the total of the charges for my baggage and the cats, I handed the man my credit card. (note: I don’t really like credit cards – but realize the necessity for having one – so I have a pre-paid card that I had put a large sum of money on.) The card wouldn’t go through! I tried to use my debit card – it wouldn’t go through! I asked him where an ATM machine was, but rather have me lose my place in line, he decided to try breaking up the amount into smaller portions. I gave him the prepaid card back and Treated. The baggage charge went through, whew! One cat charge went through, whew! … but the second cat charge wouldn’t. I took a deep breath and dug in my pocket for the cash my friend had given me, thinking that maybe with that and what I had in my wallet, I’d just make it. I found he had given me $200 which covered the cat with a bit to spare. I AM ALWAYS PROVIDED FOR.

As I stood in the security line I wondered – how did the Universe know I would need that gift??? I decided it didn’t matter & wasn’t any of my business anyway. As all of us have heard “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” God as my friend gave me a gift, God as the booking agent went the extra mile, and God as me and the kitties landed in Baltimore greeted warmly by two new friends and some beautiful snowflakes!
I do know I have been saying “I am always provided for” 108 times each morning and night, and over and over again it’s being proven true. Actually, I’ve known this for years – but sometimes things happen to shake us up a bit, and it is then that we have to get really serious with what we believe!

Is the repetition of the mantra some sort of magic? No – as Dr. Holmes says, there is nothing supernatural in this tradition. There was, however, my focused attention on I wanted as my truth. Spiritual Mind Treatments, affirmations, mantras and the like are tools for the changing of our consciousness – turning wishes into beliefs which are embodied in our consciousness that the Universe reflects in our outer reality.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica

Gratefully I celebrate the infinitely intelligent Source of all that is, including me. This Intelligence is the connecting Energy that creates and sustains all of life. Indeed, It is Life Itself.

I now declare I am more aware of how I am thinking and feeling in the One Mind. I recognize how responsive It is. I choose wisely in every area of my life, and know I am provided for. I choose health, wealth, success and love. My heart and mind are open to receive even more of all I have chosen to create. I am conscious of being a co-creator, and I create well. I declare that Life is good, very good.

With a grateful heart, I release these words, knowing they are my Truth. I have embodied them for myself and all others.

And so It is.